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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Word of the Day

Yesterday was one of.... "those days."  I went in to Holmes Cyclery to pick up my T-shirt, the one Trek bikes gave me for riding more than 100 miles in July.  The store has undergone a large renovation - it's very modern now.  My description of EZM Cyclery is based on the way it looked for years, and old store from the 1920's.  I didn't say the word of the day because... well, I was happy to pick up my gift.

I went to the store, did 4 loads of laundry, a little cleaning.  Got everything ready to make a quiche for dinner (mushrooms, asparagus, and Swiss cheese), and then went upstairs for a ride.  Squeezing my rear tire, I though it might be able to use a couple of pounds.  Bicycle tires have tubes so you don't really need to worry about them once they're pumped up.  Occasionally, though, you do need to add a pound or two.  I unscrewed my clutch knob to release tension on the back tire and grabbed my pump.  It didn't take much.  As a went to tighten my clutch knob, it clicked once and then spun freely.  Word of the day.  That's right, the damn thing broke.  I've had this trainer for 21 months....  I've only put air into that tire, oh, maybe 8 times.  Word of the day.  So, I went to the Cycleops website to see if I can order a new knob and... this model is "no longer available."  Word of the day.  I called Cycleops and they're send me a new clutch knob because it's still under warranty.   This surprised me.  The clutch knob is one of the things the warranty doesn't cover.

My clutch knob
I was more irritated rather than angry.  If I start to take this bike out on the road rather than the X6, that new knob is going to get turned quite a bit, which is why they're not covered in the warranty.  Word of the day.  The end result was I started looking at other trainers, ones that don't require a clutch knob.  And I began to rationalize the expense of a new trainer.  Sometimes that's an easy thing to do.  Of course, that also meant pondering about upgrading as well.  Till all was said and done, I ended up ordering one of these:

It's supposed to arrive tomorrow.  Since it was rather expensive, I will go to work for a little bit and then come home.  I don't want this little baby sitting on my front porch.
As for my Word of the day, I'm fairly certain it's not nearly as bad as Rudy Giuliani's Word of the Day.  And the Idiot Jerk's Word of the day?  Holy Shit!  And with 45% of the American people now saying the Idiot Jerk should be impeached, his base is beginning to shriek their own Word of the day.  And those Republican Senators up for re-election?  If they have to chose between their career and the Idiot Jerk, you know which way their vote is going to go.
As for my Word of the day?  Well, it's not just one word.  It's a phrase.  I'll give you a hint.  The first word is 'son.'


  1. "son of a bitch"

    the guvmint's word of the day - RESIGN!

    my word of the day - FUCK!

  2. I didnt even know bike store were around anymore. When I lived in Harrisburg, right off 83 was a place named Bushys or something like that. I think it's gone now.

    1. Yes, Bushy's is gone. The building is vacant.

  3. Haha
    That’s a word of the day indeed. And bike shops are cool. I remember I saw one that had a big sign that said that riding a bike is subversive. I wanted to steal it, of course.
    And right next to your clutch knob you have a Size Matters button? Very subtle, Dave. Very subtle. I’m gonna need pics.


    1. Of course bike riding is subversive... look at me, you gotta admit I'm a bit of a... suvergete.

  4. Love your word of the day ending. I can only imagine what Rudy and Donald discuss in private.