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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Hey, Get over it

Well, we're one month into Fall (give or take a day) and the temps are gradually cooling off.  Outside the temp is around 38 (F).  We're under a frost warning.  So often they warn and nothing happens.  Tomorrow we're aim for a high of 58 (F), but then they're forecasting rain as well.  Monday's supposed to be sunny and dry.  That's nice.
Yesterday when I got home from work I saw I still have rosebuds.  Here's one:

It'll be gone soon.  Autumn temps are not kind to flowers.
When I went in to the kitchen a few moments ago to refresh my coffee, Biggie was standing there with his head on the table staring at the leashes.  He loves his morning walks.  Both dogs do.  While Lilly is go, go, go, Biggie just plods along beside me.  He looks up at me a lot, as if to say "this is almost like a slice of heaven."  Since the temp is cooler, I will put on my work boots (yes, I actually have two pair), a jacket, and my little knit cap so the dogs and I can venture out into the chill.
I saw where the dumb ass Republicans are selling T-shirts at the Idiot Jerk's rallies with the phrase "Get Over It" emblazoned upon the chest.  They are so damn stupid.  They're a minority group who managed, with the help of the Electoral College, to get a morale degenerate into the White House.  The fact that they're a minority group doesn't even register in the pea brains.  This is just a variation of their normal hiss, "we're in charge, so shut up."  This is also how they say "screw you," and "I count, you don't."  They are such dumb shits.  The only way to teach them a lesson is to vote them out of office.  That is the only way to control their hatred.  Vote Blue.
Oh, and just as important as voting Blue, is how you vote.  Don't just vote Straight Ticket.  I don't know about your state, but in Pennsylvania candidates can cross register into both parties.  We have several candidates up for Judge.  In their dank, little hearts their Republican, but they're also on the ballot as Democrats.  That's right, they cross registered.  Here, in Central PA, there are no Democrats running for judge.  A Straight Party vote will give one of those Republicans a vote they shouldn't get.  Here, the Democratic party is recommending Democrats vote for Susan Pickford.  She's the only non-Republican on the ballot.  Read that ballot.  See who you're voting for.  When we vote them out of government we can tell them to wear their shitty little shirts and say "Hey, get over it.


  1. OMB, we did not know that! thank the dogs and cats we know how to read, unlike the dump and his dumplings! thanks, dave!

  2. Like they're "over" Hillary and Obama?

  3. I love that rosebud! So pretty. I know what mean about the dogs getting all excited about walks...our two go nuts when we pick up their leashes! And if we're too slow they'll try to prod us to get up and follow them to the place where we keep the leashes. Haha.

    I think they should "get over it" FIRST....namely, Hillary and Obama!

  4. I can’t believe there are no Dems running for office. What kind of fresh hell? Ugh.
    Aww you’re still getting rosebuds? Yeah fall is merciless with most flowers.
    And I know about the walks I walk a codependent chihuahua mix and a deranged mix French bulldog and they behave just like your dogs.


  5. It's just for that one judge position. This is an off year election.

    I have to tell you, I love walking my dogs!