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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Rudy the G

Tomorrow's a holiday... I think.  Columbus Day.  I have off work because I'm scheduled to have off, so it isn't really a special day.  The weather is supposed to be nice.  Yard work is planned, as well as couple other chores.
I had a customer yesterday who relocated to the area from Long Island.  She and I had a nice conversation.  I said, "big culture shock, eh?"  And she nodded, "really big."  She grew up 7 blocks from Queens.  When I asked her what her biggest challenge had been she paused for a few seconds and then said, "I was surprised.  Everything was so.... white."  I told her "we're changing rapidly."  Someone who grew up in a very racially diverse city was surprised by how vanilla Central Pennsylvania is... or was.  Eleven years ago, when I started working at the store, seeing a person of color shopping our aisles was rare.  Not so today.  Not only are we diversifying rapidly in regard to color, we are doing so with nationalities as well.  Some speak English well, others don't.  Patience is a wonderful thing.  I helped 2 gentlemen yesterday who were looking for what turned out to be a water heater.  We turned it into a bit of a game, which was fun.  This is what terrifies the Republican Party and the White Evangelicals:  humanity as a whole.
I put over 45 minutes on the bike yesterday.  Rouvy said I was riding in Warm Springs, Oregon.  Since that route isn't recognized by Tacx, I was listed as doing a Power Ride.  They also listed me as riding 13.14 miles.  That's nice, not very accurate, but then Power Rides are never going to match mile for mile those attached to a route.
Yesterday the Idiot Jerk in the White House had lunch with his Henchie, Rudy the G.  Can you imagine what that conversation was like:

Idiot Jerk:  Shut up!
Rudy the G:  Yes sir, yes sir.
Idiot Jerk:  I said shut your fucking mouth!
Rudy the G:  Yes sir, yes sir.
Idiot Jerk:  There's a pardon in it if you shut up!
Rudy the G:  Yes sir, yes sir.
Idiot Jerk:  Well then just shut up!

And they used to be sooooo close.

Hhhmmm.  In case you're wondering, that pardon already has a price tag on it.


  1. I don't have tomorrow off; since I work for a small business, we get only the BIG holidays, like july 4.

    diversity is nice; pennsyltucky's head is about to explode!

    1. Yeah, we get paid for holidays (except for Columbus Day) but we don't get them off.

  2. Oh good Lord, I don't bother reading the news for a couple of days and I can't keep up with the goings on at Trump Manor. I hope that creep Giuliani does a nose dive too!

  3. I suspect Rudy will be doing handstands and backf lips till this whole thing is over.

  4. Rudy reminds me of a evil Keebler Elf.