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Friday, October 4, 2019

Lying for Years

It's Friday!  I'm off tomorrow!  Kid's Workshop!  I work Sunday and then... I begin my weekend.  I have the same schedule for the next three weeks.  Now, ain't that nice?  I sold fairly expensive blinds yesterday to 2 customers.  I really don't like selling blinds.  They have a lot of problems.  I dealt with one yesterday.  A customer bought 2 blinds for her 90 year old mother.  She wanted wands to open and close them... long wands - 48 inches and 60 inches.  When they arrived, the shorter one was made of wood and the longer one plastic.  They don't make 60 inch wooden wands.  I told her this when she ordered.  This is also printed on her order.  A shit storm ensued.  She wanted a 60 inch wooden wand and felt that for the money she was paying she should get... a 60 inch wand.  Management ended up giving her a nice discount.  For them it is more important to keep her as a future customer.
So, my new Shimano cassette arrives today, as does the tool I need to complete setting up my new trainer.  Will I ride this evening?  Probably not... well, I don't really know.  We'll have to wait and see.
Oh, and the Idiot Jerk in the White House openly asked China to investigate the Bidens.   Ho Ho Ho.  Republicans said "look, this is how he does business, this is normal for him."  Except, they forgot one little thing.  He didn't threaten to withhold aid to China, didn't threaten them.  He made an open request, didn't underhandedly try and extort.  Of course, dumb Republicans aren't going to know the difference.
And, horror of horrors, new tariffs have been enacted.  Irish whiskey and French wines are some of those where pricing is going to go up.  Son of a bitch.
Oh, and the jobs report comes out today.  It's expected to be soft.  Some are claiming the possibility we may see 'ugly' numbers.  How do we know the administration isn't somehow managing to inflate these numbers to make everything look rosie dosie?  I mean, Republicans have not been know for their honesty.  Like the Idiot Jerk, they've been lying for years.


  1. MUTHAFUCKING SCUMBAGS! every last one of the GOPricks and evilgelicals!

  2. But of course they’ll try to inflate the numbers. Bet they won’t be flattering.
    And I’m DONE with the blatant corruption and fuckery. Done. Really.


  3. The sad truth is we don't know if they did or not.