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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Part 1 - a trip to the hospital

Today's getting a 2 part entry since I have to leave shortly to take my friend Patty to Hershey.  She's having some sort of eye surgery.  This early traffic is not going to be too bad.  I hate going to the Hershey Hospital.  Parking requires valet service... that's right, if you want to park you have to let them park your car.  You see the parking lots there are quite large... and far away.  From your car to the front entrance might be a half a mile trek.  To me?  That's failure.  For those who don't know how big the medical center is, here's a map:

Oh, and it's getting bigger.  Construction is always underway.  I think it's the shits.


  1. at einstein montgomery, you can either self-park or valet park.

  2. You can self park, but it's a Trek (and I don't mean bicycle).