I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Full Frontal

For those interested, I hit my hump moment last night sometime, I'm in a 6 day stretch.
Today, as part of our Memorial Day celebration at work, is ice cream day.  Sandwiches.  I have to admit I do like ice cream sandwiches, even though they don't use real ice cream... not in the sandwiches they provide.  It's some sort of frozen milk substitute with a good portion being hydrogenated oil.  I may have to get my ice cream maker out and make some of the real stuff!  The kind with the killer cholesterol we thought so wonderful when we were kids.  It doesn't take long, though it does use a lot of egg yolks.
And now, for a brief interlude, one of my two-tones:

So, the Idiot Jerk went around Congress to close an $8 billion arms sale with the Saudis (and someone else).  He did this because he desperately wants to prove to the Saudi king that he has just as much power.  This is the same reason he likes meeting with dictators.  His shitty ego needs to prove to itself he's on the same playing field.  Both parties are upset by his sidestepping their authority.  His MAGA heads are too stupid to know what he's doing.  In their tiny minds, he should have complete power.  They do no understand how horrific that would be, but as I've said earlier, they're stupid.
Anyway, we've got less than 2 years to go until he's voted out of office.
Since this is such a distasteful idea, I'll give you another little palette cleanser.  I call this one  Full Frontal.


  1. the full monty! won't somebody please think of the children!

    I too like REAL ice cream and italian gelato.

    1. I also like gelato!

      I think of the children all the time, that's why I've fenced them out of my yard.

  2. Love those flowers! I’m jelly cause I don’t have a garden 😆
    And I love ice cream! My doc says I have to be careful tho. That cholesterol is pesky!
    And you know that Cheeto loves the strongman mystique because he’s never been one. It’s pathological. He’s mentally ill. Probably has been all his life.


    1. I take half of a yellow pill for my cholesterol - it works fine, I eat what I want.

  3. I have a full four day weekend here, the Lad is here and I did my marketing for provisions. At the market a got a assortment of peonies and Iris.

    And I don't plan on watching the news all weekend.

    1. Of course you won't be watching the news, you've got the lad.

  4. I do love me some full frontal floral palette cleanser.