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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The End is Nigh

Well, today's Wednesday.  We had lots of thunder and rain over night, no high winds and no torrential downpours, I can tell because all the rose blooms are still intact.
Today I have chores to do.  I didn't get much done yesterday.  This is usually the case when I work 5 or more days in a row.  I'm heading into another 6 day stretch, though I'd be willing to bet one of those will see me using a personal day.
Right now, both the front and back door are standing open letting in the wonderful sunlight.  I do like this time of year.  If winter were sunnier, I'd probably like it more.  Those days when we only get 10 hours of sunlight?  Not my favorite.  The cold doesn't bother, it's the lack of sunshine.
I saw Mitch McTurtle reversed his decision to consider a Supreme Court Justice in an election year.  Remember Merrick Garland and how it really wouldn't be fair?  Of course, most know Mitch is a lying sack of shit.  This change of mind is more than his just adopting a new opinion.  In a not too subtle way, Mitch is shooting off big, red Republican warning rockets: if they want another Conservative voice on the Supreme Court, it needs to be done before the election.  Without screaming it from the rooftops, this is his way of telling the base that 'the end is nigh!'

This just the tip of the iceberg for the Republicans.  The real stinky shit is going to happen once the Idiot Jerk is ejected from the Presidency.  At that point, they're going to have to deal with a vast majority of American people questioning the validity of his appointments to the judicial system, as well as the decisions made by his henchies in regard to the political landscape.  This has always been a terrible problem with Conservatives.  You see, they've always thought all they need to do is change the rules and everything will be ducky dandy, but then they've always been stupid that way.
Anyway, one of my chores for today is to pack up all of my notes for The Body in the Tower.  They are extensive: 3 fully printed manuscripts with detailed changes.  While I do a lot of editing on the computer, I also enjoy working off a manuscript.  From the first draft to the final copy, changes are extensive.  Whole pages get crossed out and rewritten.  Fine tuning is everything, which is why I have readers.  And now, of course, the process starts all over again.  In case anybody is wondering, this is a lot of fun for me.


  1. I wish I could say it won't happen, but I sadly and depressingly 5hink trump will be re-elected.

    1. No chance, but be prepared, when he realizes he's going down the real Satan in him will come out.

  2. mcturtle can go fuck a bloated goat!

    "The cold doesn't bother, it's the lack of sunshine." - both for me.

    1. I don't think his dick's big enough for a bloated goat.

  3. Te turtle makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I despise him as much as I abhor Cheeto.
    We’ve been quite rainy too. Tornado watches and all.