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Thursday, May 23, 2019


They're calling for thunderstorms this afternoon; the same system which sent a tornado to smash through the the crazy Red state of Missouri, and Jefferson City, the capital, took a direct hit.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like an Act of God to me, of course you do know the crazy Christians in that state will blame the Gays.  Isn't that how it always is?
There's a lot of that going around these days, you know?  Blame?  Most of it seems to be coming from the far Right, blaming Democrats for their integrity.
I know the Idiot Jerk in the White House blames the Democrats for his low approval rating.  He said so yesterday.  I believe his comment was something like "My approval rating would be 65% if it weren't for those fucking Democrats and their fucking investigations," (though I don't think he said 'fucking' aloud).  But then this sack of shit has always blamed people... oh, wait, how could I forget that blame is always the standard Republican response.  I understand you can always tell a Conservative at birth by his pointing finger.

Baby Republican
And, as most of you know, music plays a big part in writing.  In The Body on the Lawn it was Fallout Boy.  In writing The Body in the Tower, I listened to a lot of Fallout Boy and Imagine Dragons for the mood and tempo.  For the next one, I'm changing things up a bit.  What I'm listening to is the new M Pokora album Pryamide.  One can only guess how this is going to effect a murder mystery set in the ghost towns of the Colorado Rockies.


  1. ____ planned his walkout yesterday, because he had the press and Deplorables waiting for him outside.
    It's all show ...a shit show.

    1. You're right, this is all a shit show for his base, his problem is this time he didn't get the same press blow up the last time he walked out.

  2. auntie maxine is kicking the dump's fat white ass this morning.

    we have had 3 thundershowers already this morning. and it's only 10:40a.

    1. We had one this afternoon.

      And I'm beginning to enjoy the fireworks... so much info is coming out from the Mueller report.

  3. Et alors, pyramide, J’aime!
    This next book you write should be about a brooding PI down in his luck living in New Orleans who falls for a dashing grad student who’s the prime suspect in the murder of his rich, republican lover. There.
    And you know it’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault cause Cheeto does squat. Can’t wait for him to go to prison. Really.


    1. Sorry, plot details are not released. 😎😎😎

      I like to surprise people. Right now the main goal is to build a solid stable of characters.