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Saturday, February 23, 2019


It's Saturday... finally.  I weighed myself and discovered I'd gained half a pound.  Shit.  I got up this morning with the intention of doing at least 40 minutes of cardio and ended up putzing around.  No cardio.  Shit.
The results of the Mueller investigation will most likely not make it to the Justice Department until the week of March 4... which is when the Idiot Jerk is planning on throwing a Beach Blanket Bingo party for Kim Ding Dong.

Oh, wait, neither of their names are in the credits... damn that Main Stream Media and their Fake Trailers.  Everyone knows Frankie and DeeDee are just minor characters!  He and Kim are the real stars of the show.
Back when Jussie began his little lie jive it occurred to me that there was a similarity with another celebrity from the days of yore who also tried to hide behind a melting fudgsicle.  This morning I saw the LA Times also saw fit to make a comparison.  Tawdry little tale, isn't it, the woeful history of Aimee Semple McPhearson?  Many of the Crazy Christians bowing down to Aimee forgave her, to do otherwise meant they had placed their faith in a phony, that the words she was preaching were flawed, and that they had made a terrible mistake.  They encapsulated their beliefs within a thick husk of denial.
The same thing is true today with the supporters of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  "How can he be so bad if he gives us what we want?" they cry, without understanding he is giving them what they want for a reason:  praise... loyalty... fealty.  They are a very selfish group.  They care about only themselves, and their beliefs, and the more narrow minded those beliefs the happier they are.  They are desperately trying to control how you channel your emotions and desires, your wants and your needs.  They crave power.  The Idiot Jerk in the White House will give them everything they want because he's a stupid, arrogant man.  Little does he understand that by doing so, they usurp the power he, himself, so desperately craves.  He is fulfilling their heart's desire.   So desperate is he to be re-elected, he will do whatever they want.  This clown is anything but a genius.
Oh, and I see the Idiot Jerk nominated another perky bottled blond to be Ambassador to the United Nations.  Shit!  I wonder if she let him grab her pussy.


  1. spouse just said "ooooooooooooooooh, interesting comparison!"

    dump may be caught up in that FL porn scandal with all his buddies. GOOD!

  2. Well, we all know ______ is a pussy groping rapist so it'd be no surprise if his name popped

    1. Wouldn't be surprised if that wasn't part of the interview process.

  3. Seriously, who can gain "half a pound"? Crikey. I will be up or down 2-3 lbs on any given day! Can't wait for the Mueller report to come out though!

    1. Most of it's water. that's why you should never weigh yourself after going to the gym or working out. I usually weight myself in the morning, around the same time to get a more reliable picture.