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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Rumble,Rumble... Rumble, Rumble

It's Thursday!!  When I leave work this afternoon I will be approaching my Hump Hour... I work 4 days in a row so I don't actually get a Hump Day, so a Hump Hour is going to have to do.

rumble, rumble

I'm in a fairly good mood heading into today.  I spoke to a nice customer service agent at Amazon last evening about my 'desk' situation, how things are not quite 'set.'  She was quite understanding.  Having already sent emails to Cymax, the company from whom I purchased my desk help.  What totally legitimized my complaint however was their weird email replies.  I had told them about the 'size issue' and their response was... well, for a second I thought Ionesco might have been sitting at the keyboard.  Here are their first 2 sentences:

"We are sorry to hear that you have received an incorrect item.  Regarding this issue, we would be happy to assist with replacements but do require a bit more information in order to proceed.

rumble, rumble

The customer service agent started laughing when she read that.  "They are responding to something completely different."  She sent one more 'official' email to Cymax from Amazon.  If there is no response Amazon will begin processing an 'A-Z Guarantee' in order for me to get a refund.  I don't think we'll hear from them.  They have automated their entire system.  Either way, I will be getting a credit, though I do wander what they're going to be doing with that desk.  I'm going to be ordering the same desk from David's Furniture in Mechanicsburg.  Wouldn't it be odd if that desk gets shipped back to Harrisburg?

rumble rumble

And what about that little Nicky Sandmann from Covington?  Doing the talk shows?  His lily-white ass looking all innocent?  Except he isn't talking about his MAGA hat... hhmmm.

rumble rumble

And in case you happened to have missed it, last night, around 11 PM, the Idiot Jerk in the White House


Rubble and debris is spreading well beyond the confines of the White House Lawn.  Even as I type repercussions are spreading across America.  Conservatives are clutching their hearts in pain.  Believe me, I have no doubt that Ann Coulter dropped to her knees and stared slamming her head into the floor.  And fat Rush Limbaugh no doubt threw-up his dinner, but then he lives on regurgitated lies so he's not really too upset.  So, this is how the Idiot Jerk in the White House makes a deal...


  1. Well, the idea of Ann cuntler (typo and it stays) hitting her head on the floor is gratifying 😄
    Madam Speaker kind of show Cheeto who’s boos and WALKED him. Bet he’s not happy.


    1. I wonder how many of them have started chewing on the brims of their MAGA hats..

  2. Replies
    1. My question is... did she wear the pumps... or the spikes?

  3. Replies
    1. The "say no" party just got a size 8 pump up their ass.

  4. Rumble, rumble, I've been humming West Side Story's soundtrack all morning and heading into the afternoon.