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Friday, June 22, 2018

Fashion Faux Pas

Friday morning.  Some of you are dancing around because this is the end of the work week - me?  Today is the 3rd of 4 in a row.  Then I get to work a day and have another 2 off.  We're heading into  slow season.  The middle of both summer and winter tend to be slow.  No wants to do much of anything during the cold of winter, and summer?  Well, people are too busy to do home improvements.  Also, I suspect savvy people are going to begin to take a moment and look at what's happening.  People buy less big ticket items when the prices of their everyday needs go up. 
And what about Melanoma and her jacket from hell?  This was a little bit more than a fashion faux pas.  I believe Reuters pointed out that the temps in Texas were very warm, and there really was no need to wear a jacket... at all.  I would have thought that her wardrobe assistant, or dresser, or whomever, would have told her what was considered appropriate attire.  Seeing that the retail cost of that jacket was $39 speaks volumes.  That's tip money for the Idiot Jerk at McDonalds. 
One of the funny things about this immigration problem is that hard line conservatives totally do not understand how ugly this makes them look.  Those hard line conservatives also happen to be... Republicans.  Dealing with this crisis has totally ripped off their mask and they are sinfully hideous. They care only for themselves, their money, their taxes, their religion, their control.  All other voices have no value.  Now, however, they are beginning to learn how expensive the price is for a pound of flesh.  Good people are scrutinizing their behavior, their lack of values, their inability to look beyond themselves and saying "tough shit."  Their Karma has been bad for a long, long time.  Oops.
I also got a 30 minute ride in with Tyler Stein, this AM.  Holy Crap, he sweats more than I do. 

Cycleops has a number of training videos.  Rouvy lets you import, so I will probably pick those I find most exhilarating.  This morning's ride was most fun.


  1. Melania is just another rightwingnut feckless cunt.

  2. I don't think there's enough rattling around in her head to maker he a rightwingnut.

  3. my comment was - why the fuck is melanoma wearing a JACKET on the first day of SUMMER? you know damn well she planned that disgrace (or her handlers did)!

  4. re: Melanoma's jacket - Her spokeswoman said that it was "just a jacket" and there was no message intended. Then her idiot husband comes out and says that the "I don't care" was a message to the media. These geniuses can't even pick one lie and stick to it.

    1. Truthfully, I don't think a message was intended, just another example of intense stupidity, and that's what pisses him off, that their callous lack of intelligence is on public display.

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