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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Drowning in a Sea of Roses

Well, it's Saturday and the sun is out... for the time being.  Showers and thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon and this evening.  Tomorrow things are supposed to be cooler.  Actually yesterday wasn't that hot, 88 F.  Hot happens when the temps soar into the upper 90's.
Walking out my backdoor this morning, I had no problem in smelling my roses.  There are lots of them.  This will pass though, only to be repeated in a month or sow.  I usually get 3 bloomings per summer.  Right now, you could say, I'm drowning in a sea of Roses.

The red antique roses were an accident... the bush just started growing
And I must say, the perfume of blooming roses is much more preferable than the stench oozing up from Washington.  Of course the Idiot Jerk in the White House tweeted out jobs info early because... well, he needed to feed his ego.  And, perhaps, rather illegally let investors know yesterday was going to be a good day to buy... sort of honor among scumbags.
I know there are conservatives out there who are upset that Mueller's investigation has cost over $16 million so far.  Funny, they had no problem spending $8 million to investigate Benghazi.  Interesting how easily they justify money spent for their political benefit.  Interesting, also, is how Trey Gowdy, the leader of the Benghazi witch hunt is telling them to shut up, to leave Mueller alone.  Mr. Gowdy knows full well the difference between a witch hunt and a serious investigation.  He no doubt understands the corruption brought to the White House by the Idiot Jerk is on the verge of boiling over, splattering democracy with an unhealthy spray of shit.
My vacation begins on 6/11, and I've already started planning things to be done.  One of those is to take out the wisteria pushes around my front porch.  This is the 2nd year where they failed to bloom.  There was a time when the front of the house was awash with purple flowers.  Those days started disappearing a couple of years ago.  That will be a chore.  I will probably put in more roses... maybe a red climber to weave among the wrought iron railings.


  1. lovely rose garden!

    do you live near the enola railway yard, by any chance? my PRR calendar pix for this month is of that yard.

    1. Enola is a Train Town. My house was built for railroad employees in 1905. Oh, and I can see the yards from my front porch. They're 5 miles long.

  2. Gorgeous roses. Carlos will be jealous!

    1. Lucky for me, all I do is stick them in the ground and they grow.