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Saturday, June 16, 2018

People are sitting up

Well, it's Saturday.  As an interruption to my vacation, I'm scheduled to work.  While I had considered taking the day as a personal day, I'm going to go work.  Not so much because I love working, but rather I don't want to lose a personal day.  Some don't understand that.  Personal days are a nice cushion just in case some important crops up and you really do need to take a couple of days off.  We can do that, you see.  We don't have sick days, we have personal days.  You don't need to be sick to call in and take the day off.
About 44 odd years ago, I picked up two wooden wall carvings in the Philippines.  For years they hung in the alcove where the window seat used to be.  When I repainted the dining room, they were replaced; moved to another wall.  However they were dated, as they say.  So yesterday I gave them a new finish, copper, which actually works better with the new wall color.

That's an eggshell sheen on the walls, by the way.  Eggshell is considered a warming sheen in that color and light will fan out rather than shine back.
And wasn't there a shit show at the White House yesterday.  In fact, the past 2 days have not been too good for the Idiot Jerk and his minions, what with Sessions citing the same Bible verse the Southern Baptists used for justifying slavery, and the immigration issue growing like some unstoppable turd.  And what about Kim Jon Dumb being a "strong leader" who had to make some "tough decisions."  The Idiot Jerk said the same thing about Saddam Hussein.  And Muammar Gaddafi.  These were strong leaders who had to make some difficult choices... and lots of people died.  Now the White House is saying the Idiot Jerk's commenting on how "people sit up" when Kim speaks was a joke.  Actually the real joke was when the Idiot Jerk talked about Americans ans though he owned them.  You know?  "I want my people to do the same?"  Well, people are sitting up alright, but not in the way the Idiot Jerk wanted.  Someone needs to tell this fool that the only people he owns are the ones who have sold him their souls.  The sooner this guy gets removed from office, the better things will be for all Americans.
On a lighter note, I've ridden 30.8 miles so far this week.  My legs were a bit cranky last night.  I want to take the bike out on the road early tomorrow morning.     


  1. Love what you did with the palm tress! They look great. I have up coming painting going on in my pied de terre. I think the guy uses egg shell too.

    Im too busy looking at him to know ;)

    1. If he's bald with tattoos be careful, he says he's semi but ends up being nothing more than tacky gloss

  2. LOVE the palm trees! and more henchmen/women in the dump dictatorship are going TO JAIL where they belong!

  3. You’ve certainly picked a Great Wall colour.
    I thought that press conference in Singapore was never going to end.

    1. I didn’t mean gear wall to come out like that!