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Friday, October 24, 2014

HRM logistics

It's a beautiful day in Pennsylvania and, as usual on beautiful days, I have to work.

What makes this more crappy then usual is that my new HRM is due to be delivered today.  Originally it was supposed to arrive tomorrow so it'll be here a day early, which is nice.  Of course, I won't get to play around with it until I get home from work.

Currently I have a Garmin 405CX which suited me just fine, until a couple of months ago when problems began cropping up.  The GPS had issues connecting to satellites even outside on a clear sunny day.  I could deal with that.  But then it started locking up and the only way to fix it was to do a reset which meant losing a lot of data.  You changed screens by sliding your finger around the bezel and... well, stopped working.  And there were other little problems which just started to become aggravating so I said "enough," and ordered a new one.  It's a Garmin 220 Forerunner.

The old HRM... still woks as a watch

The logistics on how the new one is arriving are rather amusing.  It was shipped FedEx Smartpost from Allentown, PA, which is 89 miles, north east, of where I live.  It's route took it through Harrisburg (5 miles away) down to St. Martinsburg, WV, which is 91 miles to my south west.  It was then transferred to a truck which brought it back to Enola, the suburb in which I live, where it was... put on a truck to take it to the Post Office in Camp Hill, (again about 5 miles away).  In Camp Hill, the new HRM was put on a delivery truck which is, as I type, on its way back to Enola.  A little convoluted if you ask me.

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