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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Gods of Egypt vs Risen, both so white

The Gods of Egypt starts this weekend and I'll probably go see it, not because it's great drama or that the acting is going to be superlative.  Nope, this is a CGI fest with lots of half-naked men running around, and a babe or two thrown in for the straight crowd.  People who got see this movie are not supposed to leave the theater scratching their heads, nor are they supposed to be pondering the meanings of life.  They're going to be wowed by special effects (and half-naked men running around).  What I find funny is that I was looking at My New Plaid Pants where it was pointed out that the cast was so white... well, so what.  If you're going to point that out in regard to The Gods of Egypt, you should also point out that Risen has a very white cast.  In fact, Risen stars that very white, very British Joseph Fiennes.... as a Roman.  He looks Italian, doesn't he?  Of course, Krazy Kristians around the world will see it as a religious documentary so accuracy is not important.  Is it?

You would think that if you were trying to tell the true story of the resurrection, you would at least hire middle-eastern actors to play the parts of the disciples.  But then, of course, you might lose the white audience of America, those who believe that Jesus had blue eyes and light brown hair.
If you're going to throw out that race trump card, it needs to be done uniformly.  You can't pick and chose.  Risen is going to make a lot more money than God's of Egypt because more people are going to be seeing it.  So which one should you be pointing your finger at?

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