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Friday, October 9, 2015

Speaker of the House = Dead End Job

And that's the truth.  You're not going to use the position to balance power, nor are you not going to be able to use it as a springboard into a more powerful position.  Being Speaker of the House is worse then being a snake wrangler dealing with a burlap bag full of cottonmouths... not that there's any cotton in their mouths.  You see the Tea Party branch of the GOP, for some reason only the stupid know, decided to remove the word 'compromise' from their vocabulary.  In fact things have gotten so bad they can't have a decent conversation among themselves.  All they want to do is demand and blame.  Kevin McCarthy (not the actor), the presumptive Speaker stepped in a pile of shit when he admitted Benghazi was nothing more then a ruse to attack Clinton.  OOPS!

Dolt on the run

Now he's practically on the running to save his political career.  And any smart politician would think twice before applying for the position since no one is going to be able to rein in the crazies on the far right.  In fact, I have no doubt, that the party has, indeed, achieved escape velocity and is no spiraling out towards Jupiter... or maybe Saturn.  This is how a political party dies.  Messy, ain't it?


  1. McCarthy committed the unforgivable sin for a conservative (and maybe any) politician -- he spoke the truth.
    A sad thing is that those who believed the lie will continue to do so. Those who didn't can feel vindicated, but nothing will have changed. The conservative pundits will keep on repeating the lie and it will remain in the minds of those who never listen to anything they do not want to believe.
    But that has become true of many of us on all sides of any issue. We no longer converse because there is no exchange of ideas. Only reassertion of previous statements.
    I am guilty of this, too.

    1. Yes, but the GOP mantra of "repeat lie, repeat lie" seems, more then any other, to have been built upon a foundation of hate.