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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Early Morning shcedule

I will be leaving to go to work shortly, and I'm not happy.  Because of my back issues I have weight restrictions - I can't lift heavy weights.  Even though she knows this, what does the ditz who writes our schedules do?  Gives me an early morning shift.  Early mornings are when our contractors show up to buy their paint and most contractors, if they're any good, use a lot of paint.  Translation:  they buy 5 gallon buckets, and I can't lift 5 gallon buckets.  Their 65 - 75 lbs is way above my limit.

When I pointed this out to our scheduler, instead of changing the schedule she said "well, you'll just have to call someone to lift them for you."  Since staffing is very limited early in the morning, those contractors might have to wait.  Now, let's talk about good customer service, shall we?
Anyway, I had a nice sit down chat with the store manager during which I told him I didn't want those little, rubbery disks between my vertebrae to start poking their little noses out again.  He agreed hardheartedly.  You see, if it were to happen again while I was at work... well, that would be a worker's comp issue.  That would be an expense they would not soon forget. 

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