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Monday, February 25, 2013

Seth MacFarlane triumphs, Fox News craps its pants

I watched the Oscar telecast last evening and enjoyed it thoroughly.  Originally I'd thought "Lincoln" might sweep, but then I saw "Argo."  When the audience broke into rousing applause twice before the film ended, I knew I was seeing Oscar gold.

As far as Seth MacFarlane hosting, I think he hit a home run; reviewers were not as kind.  People seem to forget, or else they never saw, both Both Bob Hope and Johnny Carson telling jokes that were considered a bit more than ribald and tasteless for their times.  Surprise, they did, and then they would stand there looking like guilty little boys.  The show was never meant to be a "G" rated family affair.  True, some of Mr. MacFarlane's jokes did make the audience wince, but again, this is pretty much a standard feature.  Everybody watching needs to have those "oh, he didn't say that," moments, without them the show would be rather lame.  The "I've seen your Boobs," number came close to hitting the mother lode.  Guess what everybody's talking about today?  Guess what everybody's trying to watch on YouTube?  If you don't think Bob Hope, or Johnny Carson, or even Billy Crystal would have done that number, if they could have gotten it passed the censors, you are living on another dimensional plane.  Thank you, Mr. MacFralane for making me laugh so hard!

Hopefully, he'll be back next  year

Some moron whined about having a Bondless, James Bond tribute.  Excuse me, two of the actors who played 007 are in the 80's.  I would rather remember them as being young and vibrant rather then elderly.  Two of the actors who played the character were not very successful in the role, so do we really want them onstage?  Some people need to think before they whine.

Another idiot complained about not seeing the audience reaction after Streisand sang.  Holy Crap, she ended the 'In Memorium' segment.  I was glad they faded to black rather then show the audience hooping and hollering because they'd gotten a chance to see the legendary Streisand.

And then there was the review by Fox News.  I could only wonder if the writer survived a pre-frontal lobotomy at some time in the past.  I'm reading this thing with phrases about 'conservative, family values,' wondering if they know they've just shit in their pants.  Their sister network is Fox Entertainment.  When was the last time you heard of Fox Entertainment advertising conservative, family value programming.  Over the past decades, this is the network which has proffered such titles as  Nip/Tuck, and Dirt, both enduring, family value shows.  I remember way, way back when they struck pay dirt with a raunchy little sex comedy call "Married With Children."  Of course, Fox News has always managed to show a blind eye to vulgar relative.

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