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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I rarely watch commercial television since all of the characters are fictional and reality TV is geared for people who have, unfortunately, a 12 year olds maturity level and a white trash brain.  The first thought that went through my head when I was told you couldn't change a channel with out seeing something about Whitney's death was GET OVER IT PEOPLE!  She had a good voice, but Susan Boyle from the UK's voice is just as good and most likely better, so is Adele's, so is Beyonce's...shall I keep listing names?  She was not a great actress, in fact, she only made movies because she was a pretty Pop Star, not because she was swimming in talent.  She didn't write any of her own music, she depended upon someone else's talent for that.  She did travel with a huge entourage who let her do what ever she wanted. She did marry Bobby Brown and, from things I've read, turn into a failed Pop Star crackhead.  She made a lot of money but never became a philanthropist, giving herself the sweet life but rarely thinking of others.  Of course she is related to Dionne Warwick who scammed millions from stupid people with her phony clairvoyant hot line.  So when it comes to Whitney, all I can say is GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

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