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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tipping the Scales

The only way to know exactly how much weight you’ll need need to drop is by putting your ass on scale.  When looking down, if your gut is blocking the readout, consider yourself FAT.  The fatter you are the more difficult your weight loss regime is going to be.  Every time you cut calories those ugly fat cells are going to shriek with starvation.  That really is what you’re going to be doing, starving the hell out of your fat cells.
What do I climb on once a week:  A Tanita Ironman Body Scan.  Am I an Ironman?  Hell no.  However this scale does give you the option of using a sedentary or athletic algorithm. This is an important feature if you’re someone who works out regularly and maintains a cardio regime because, simply put, you’re not a sedentary individual, meaning you’re not dropping your ass in the sweet spot of your La-Z-Boy the second you get home from work.  You can even see how much you weigh in kilograms, which can be a fun trick to play on friends. 

The Ironman gives me a lot of good information, including weight, body fat %, and hydration and muscle mass.  The weight is accurate; the other three are “close, but no cigar.”  It also gives me my metabolic age, my bone mass, and the level of my visceral fat.  These readings are questionable at best. 
Tanita lets you print off a nice form for documenting your stats with cute little charts at the bottom so you can evaluate your results. I use a spreadsheet I wrote which lets me track what I consider pertinent information.
If you’re using an analog scale I recommend throwing the damn thing out of the window.  In case you didn’t know it, analog scales let your cheat.

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