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Friday, January 26, 2024

Tile This

 Friday.  The skies are overcast.  Drizzly rain drizzles.  The sun might poke his nose through the clouds momentarily, but not for long.  Rain is on the menu as the forecast calls for nothing but a slow soaker until sometime tomorrow.  On the bright side, if you want to call it that, our temps are supposed to crest at 65 (F), which is super warm for February.  I honestly wish it would get sunny.  Maybe next week, since were supposed to have a weekend of wetness.

I did 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday, and then celebrated by doing to taxes.  I always get a refund, finding a way to put it to good use, and this year it's going to pay off the rest of my new kitchen expense.  And then maybe buy a rowing machine.  Yeah, I've been looking at them.  

My dishwasher gave me an error last evening as it was heading into the rinse cycle.  IO.  Now, I guess everybody knows what IO means:  In Out.  I checked on what might be causing that and the suggestions was a crimped water line.  Nope.  I have low water pressure sometimes.  I'll rutch it around a little, possibly even pull it forward a small bit, and then I'm going to need to figure out how I might be able to override it.

My tiling is going to be finished today, and some of the grouting will be done as well.  Here's what it looks like so far.

Closing arguments are today in the penalty phase of one of Trump's trials (doesn't it seem like this is happening every day?).  Prepare yourselves, for he will flip a fuse even if E. Jean Carroll is awarded $20, and most likely it will be in the millions.  This is the price he'll pay for bragging about shoving his fingers up her vagina.  He will try and go scorched earth.  He will burn down all caps words faster than he can build them. 

And there was a great article in the Washington Post this morning about how it will be necessary to destroy the Republican party if there's any desire for having it survive.  They will never learn, so every Republican who is part of the cult needs to be voted out of office.  American voters will need to crush the MAGA fantasy world.  I don't doubt for a second that's going to happen.  Those pouring over the stats from New Hampshire see horrific problems for the GOP.  Nikki Haley may have lost, but those 43% who voted for her are not going to vote for the Donald.  He might get the nomination, but he can't win an election with only 54% of the Republican party voting for you.


  1. An upside to Thing 45 losing the election in November will be that many in the GOP might find their conscience [I kid] and their balls [I kid] and turn away from him.
    Trouble is, many Americans have a good memory and will remember those who stood with Hair Furor.

    1. Americans do have a good memory, and they do remember January 6, and when they lose in November, the GOP will splinter into a thousand little factions each blaming the other for their loss.

  2. The GOP have been beholden to their right-wing hacks since the 1920's attacking organized labor.
    God forbid workers should have a slice of America's wealth that would not exist without their labors.
    In the 1930's it was isolationism and the belief that Nazism was misunderstood.
    - The GOP is back to that trope today !
    After the WW2 it was red baiting, anyone that did not agree with the GOP wingnuts, was part of an international communist conspiracy.
    - The GOP now supports Putin !
    The GOP mavens always flocking to extremist groups, John Birch Society or Moms for Liberty, anyone !
    And that old time religion, that GOP evangelicals have turned into a tax-free money grab, while twisting the word of God and prostituting the image of Christ into a perversion of Christianity. And always obsessed with gay and lesbian people and ways to keep them down.
    Never mind the GOP's own sex scandals and shit-shows of complete hypocrisy.
    The GOP has always shown its true colors of deceit and greed. -Rj

    1. So many great points. On the sex scandal bit, you should have added that their wives always forgive and vow to stand by them, not matter how much they've fucked around.

  3. Hah
    I read Cheeto left the courtroom when the Carroll's lawyer read him for filth. Poor fragile idiot. I was talking to Huntley about this, and he thinks Cheeto put everything on his children's names so they can not collect money from him. I hope it's 30 mill.
    The repugs love power and money and that's why the want to win: the power boner and the pocket lining. They will never let go.


    1. He was "visibly angry" when he left. And I don't think his kids have access to it since they're all crooks. And I guess you saw, it was more than 30 mil.

  4. Love your tiling Dave. We obviously have the same taste!