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Monday, January 1, 2024



There, that's out of the way.

For those interested, 2024 arrived in Central PA on the wings of rain showers.  Yep.  It's been drizzling on and off since midnight... or at least I think so, since I was in bed before the Ball Dropped.  Though, to be honest, it started a bit before, I know since I received a Happy New Year text at 11:53 PM and I could already hear the drip, drip, drip outside the window.

A new tradition has been started this year:  I'm throwing out my last year's calendar.  For what seems like forever, I've been saving them, for... I don't know, possibly posterity, and this morning I realized none of them had any memorable pictures that needed saving, so, they're going into the trash.  

When I stepped on my Withing's scale this morning, little black and white fireworks flashed across the screen before it let me know I'd gained .4 of a pound.  Now, isn't that a nice New Year's present?

I do get to work today.  There was a time when they would bring food in, however times have changed, we are not close to reaching our forecasted plan, so I'm taking my lunch.

And, I suppose I should post something a little festive since we're now in 2024.  How's this?

I know it's not fireworks, but everybody else is posting a picture of fireworks.  So, rather than be like everyone else, here's a inflatable Pikachu!


  1. A lovely night out with dinner and had a great view of the Capitol Building. Delicious dinner. had drinking at 704 to see Betty Whitecastle do a set ot two, followed by a drink or two back at the Dame place. Home by 12:40! All told a nice night and not crowded. Course, we were nowhere near Market Square.

    Happy New Year!!! Now on the pork and sauerkraut leftovers...

    1. I remember the crowds on Market Street... oh, my. No pork here, and no sauerkraut. Maybe next week. I always say why wait until the New Year to enjoy good food. Glad you had so much fun!

  2. Every year I buy an A4 diary to keep track of appointments and so on (my blog is my actual diary). But I always keep last year's just in case - you know, when you get a speeding ticket somewhere near Paris and the diary confirms I was nowhere near Paris in the past year (that happened to my friend - 21 speeding tickets)! After a year I throw it out though so more decluterring done there and then!

    1. The calendars are mostly for decoration. The blog is a decent diary, however I have a color coded Google calendar that has everything on it, which helps keep my life in order.