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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Row this Way

 I woke up really early this morning.  Lilly had a cranky belly night and around 0415 went out into the hall and threw up.  She usually gets one every other week.  After cleaning up the mess, I decided to put a little time into researching a rowing machine.  Jon, the PT who's my reference guide for all things Physical Therapy recommended a Concept 2, and it seems so does everybody else on the internet.  It's fairly inexpensive compared to a lot of other rowers, however it's long, over 8 feet long, and my space is limited. I shall have to do some pondering on this one.

I also took my blood pressure this morning, in both arms because I'm comparing cuffs.  In my right arm it was slightly elevated.  This is usually the case in the morning because I'm a coffee drinker.  The left arm, however, was through the roof.  My left arm usually reads higher, but this was super high, so I'm suspecting there might be wrong with that cuff.

Retail was steady yesterday.  Though I did something I never, ever do: I got to work late.  I regularly start at 1300 on Saturday, but for some reason my schedule was changed to 1200, and that change never made it to my calendar, not to my brain, and I arrived at the store at shortly before 1 PM.  This is how it goes.

Business was good.  I got 2 measures, and have a pending sale that should go through today.  

Oh, and it's raining outside.  Heavily.  In fact, we had rain throughout the night.  The temps are predicted to drop, becoming more seasonal... well, warmly seasonal rather than cold.  

This is the rower I'm thinking of getting.  Though, again, I need to consider size.

And since it's Sunday, there's not a lot of political humor for me to write about, except, perhaps Trump's speech in Las Vegas, where he was, as usual, all over the map.  His early stage dementia was apparent, something that was pointed out by many on the internet.  Coherence was a bit factor, though that has always been an issue.  This may have been the result of $83 million hit his flailing finances took.  And it's not going to get any better.  Judgement is coming for Trump.


  1. CNN was showing some hair Furor gaffes last night. I need more news channels to give us Demented Donald.