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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The Precedence of Legislation

 Okay, so yesterday we had on and off again clouds, mostly on.  The same is true for today.  Temps are going to hover in the low 40s (F) and, if the forecasters are correct, only drop into the mid 30s (F) overnight.  Later on this week, it might get a little colder, but then again it's also supposed to get a little warmer.  I haven't checked my heating bill, but I'm betting these temps are saving me a heap of money.  The same is true for my electric.  While I did use the Central Air last summer, we never had extended heatwaves, nothing like people did down south.  

And, speaking down south, I find it amusing that all of the conservatives and conservative seniors are moving to Florida because they don't believe in Climate Change.  The same thing goes for those Texans that want to secede.  This is how things work.

As for work yesterday, it was terribly slow.  Mostly I sat around making notes in Wordpad about future books, or if I want to be precise, the next one, which is called The Body in History, and also notes what might be book number 8, tentatively titled The Body in 4/4 Time.

I had breakfast with my brother this morning.  I got as bit teary eyed talking about Pine Grove, my parent's home town.  Because of my Mom's emotional problems, I spent much of my summer vacation from school with my grandparents.  For 3 months out of the year, I basically lived there, coming back to Lebanon for occasional weeks and so a lot of my childhood memories are based there.  So sometime in May, he and I are going to spend a few hours there in order for me to pass on an oral history.  We may even have to record some of it for posterities sake.

Here's the Pine Grove movie theater.  While I saw a few movies there, the one I remember most is Tarzan Goes to India, in 1962, (though I may have seen it in 63 or 64, my memory's good, but not that good) staring Jock Mahoney.  

With a brief hiatus of Trump's legal issues, Republicans are desperately trying to take over the Mainstream media spotlight with the immigration issue, mostly through their attempt to impeach Mayorkas.  Again, and as is always the case, they have no specifics, but then their base doesn't really care for details.  I find it fascinating that this group is more interested in revenge and retaliation than it is in legislation.  You'd think they'd realize that getting a Cabinet member impeached (especially if you can impeach a president) is not a priority for a majority of Americans.  While there are border issues, the fact that they refuse to do their jobs and legislate demonstrates their inability to define a precedence that America wants them to prioritize, rather than use as an election tool.


  1. Ohhh I had to google Jock Mahoney, because that name, right? Now I wanna watch that version of Tarzan.
    The whole Mayorkas thing is bullshit, of course. The Repugs are being read for filth in the hearing and the Dems are calling their blatant desire to create a 'border crisis' narrative to help Cheeto.
    And I was reading all the fuckery that would go down in Texas if they 'secede'. Fuckers depend on socialism. Literally.


    1. From what I remember, it was very entertaining.

  2. The GOP uses immigrants as a campaign tool and will never try and solve the problem because it makes them money and keeps them in office.