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Monday, January 15, 2024

Iowa Caucus

 Quick entry today because it's a holiday... well, no, actually, I slept in until 0700, and not because I stayed up late, rather I was tired, and it's cold outside.  Winter temps are blessing the area, finally.  And snow is on the way as well, starting very late this afternoon, about an hour before I head home from work.  Forecasters are saying we might be getting 4 - 5 inches.  Temps tomorrow are not predicted to climb above freezing, so it'll be sticking around for a few days.  

Work was steady yesterday.  I got 2 measures for carpet, that means 3 measures for the past week.  Management is pleased with me.  

As part of the prep work for my next book, The Body in History, I've been having some conversations with Jon, my PT friend about types of therapy he'd prescribe for certain injuries, say a broken ankle, and a compound fracture of the femur, among other things.  Now how in the world could this be related to Eli and Max going to Greece?  I know you can't hear me, but I just let loose with one of my evil laughs.

I've also been chatting with David up in New York on turning the first 2 books in the series into audio books.  I see difficulties looming ahead, he sees challenges, especially in The Body on the Lawn, which relies on flashbacks, some going back over 20 years.  I changed the font in the book to let the reader know a flashback was happening, I don't know how he's going to do that in an audiobook.

And, again, the Iowa caucuses are tonight.  Ho Hum.  That state is suffering from bitter cold, in fact, our temps here in Central PA seem downright balmy to theirs.  We might get four inches of snow, they have had blizzard conditions.  It almost seems as if God, himself, is making it as difficult as possible for Republicans to give Trump the nomination, doesn't it?  Knowing how much of a sacrilegious, blasphemous sack of shit Trump is, that wouldn't surprise me.


  1. Your last Sentences did pass thru my own Mind, amusingly so, and tho' I'd rather 45 just FOAD it would be hilarious if he lost the nomination in such a sudden landslide that he would just go off into obscurity with all his legal troubles and his Donor Base dries up so he is penniless too. I don't know why Iowa is always such a Big Deal, the whole State has a far less population than just the City I live in... so, never understood why it matters and gets so much coverage who they're Voting for? I don't understand a lot about Politics tho' and would rather it just run efficiently and with a Sane Leader at the helm, who isn't so Geriatric either, is that too much to ask anymore? Le Sigh. It is bitter Cold here in the Desert too, I do not like it.

    1. You may not remember, but he lost Iowa in 2016 and said it was fraud, it's one of his tactics. I don't really mind the cold. I know, I'm a bit odd.

  2. Ohhh
    I have done Audiobooks while traveling and I cannot tell you how they do flashbacks? I do not remember. I'm sure they preface them or set them up somehow...
    And It's been under zero in Chi for four days now. Bitter cold. And Jabba The Orange told the rubes that they have got to go out in the cold and vote for him. And that if they are gonna die, well, too bad. LOL
    But he CARES about them. Right.


    1. Yeah, I have no idea how the flashbacks are going to work, I'll guess he's going to have to be very creative. Temps never got above 28 (F) today, which is warmer than 0.