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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

It's in the Cards

 So, we've hit Wednesday.  Is anybody suffering from a mid-week crisis?  Hope not.  For those who work, this is also your Hump Day, though I suspect that for many of you the relevancy of that is slowly fading.

We had a bright red sky this morning.  The day, itself, is supposed to be be nice: temps in the 40s (F) clouds scuttling across the sky; not overcast.  I'd bet I'm not the only one who feels endless days of cloud cover are a great way to catch up on your sleep with lots, and lots of cat naps.

Usually, while I'm sitting here typing this out, I'm also making a list of things needing to be done, and, I might add, hoping to be accomplished during the day ahead.  Yesterday, much was done.  Out of a list of 7 items, only one wasn't finished.  I blame that on my decision to get a haircut.  That took up more time than I was expecting.  Today's list, because I did so much yesterday, is smaller.  Now, isn't that nice.

Since The Body in Motion has begun to work its way through my readers and editors, I'm prepping my first book, The Body on the Lawn, for my narrator.  What's really happening is that it's getting another layer of polish.  Nothing major, just clarifying who's saying what to whom.  Also, any and all sets of lyrics are being removed.  Unless you're super famous, most musicians don't mind the use of the occasional line or two, however, once a narrator speaks them out loud they become a performance, and that requires a royalty payment.  Since that can be pricy, the lyrics are going away.  

When I was younger, I used to play around with Tarot cards.  I would have a friend shuffle the cards and then I'd lay out one of several patterns.  It didn't take long for me to realize there was a lot of ambiguity in the futures the cards portend.  That being said, there are good cards and bad cards.  The Five of Cups is not one of the good cards.

Why talk about Tarot cards?  Well, it seems that last night on Fox, Jesse Watters had an English Tarot card reader as a guest, and he asked her to just pull one card from the deck to forecast Trump's 2024, and she pulled out the Five of Cups.  Ominous, much?  Looks like it's in the cards that the Orange Anus is going to have a very bad year, and, by extension, I'd say the same thing applies to the Republican party.  First Colorado, and then Maine have banned the Moral Degenerate from the primary ballot.  While that hasn't happened in Pennsylvania, a motion was filed in court to keep Trump's fellow insurrectionist Scott Perry off of the ballot.  Now, I don't know if Scotty's had his cards read yet or not, but I'd be pretty sure that if he has, he, too has found himself holding the Five of Cups.  To be honest, the first thought that went through my head when I saw this was: "finally, something the Cultist might believe in."


  1. It's the Hump Day of my 3-day work week, so I'm good!

  2. Oh wow, I actually put some Tarot cards into my Amazon basket recently as I wanted to learn more about them. Didn't bother buying them in the end but there is an Australian guy on Youtube called Famous Fortunes who is great. He's very funny and you might find him interesting if you care to stop by!

    1. They were fun to play around with, but I was often disappointed because my own future always turned out different.

  3. This Wednesday doesn't count as it is a short week for me. I will skip the cards and go direct to the psychic soon :).