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Saturday, December 16, 2023

The Tool

 The weekend has arrived and it's bringing with it some early morning sunshine that will disappear behind dour clouds sometime this afternoon.  More rain is approaching.  The prediction is for it to be heavy at times, like last week, and... like last week, it's supposed to hang around until sometime on Monday.  Now, don't that make you wish you were part duck?

I do have to work today.  I'm not expecting the flooring and decor departments to be busy.  Hardware and Garden are where all the buckos are going to be spent, with possibly some in paint as a few people think a new coat of paint in necessary to impress the friends and relatives.  There was a time when it used to be flooring people wanted to make those impressions and we were forced to stick to a specific calendar in order to insure installation in time for Christmas.  Not anymore.  This doesn't mean that some uniformed soul isn't going to walk into the department believing we can put in a new floor within the next 7 days.

Because I can afford it, and because I simply despise commercials, I upgraded my Disney and Hulu to commercial free.  I did try watching the channels with commercial breaks and realized that my brain required continuity.  Maybe it was because all of the advertising was for products I have zero interest in purchasing.

Back when I had Pronto plumbing install the water water hookups on the second floor for my laundry, one of the workmen informed me that I'd been given some sort of filter that I probably didn't know I needed.  Chances are if you don't know you need it, you probably don't, and the only thing it's doing is adding another charge onto your bill.  Well, the filter they were talking about was in the bathroom faucet.  What it did do was drastically reduce the water pressure from the tap. At first, I though the drop in pressure was because of the washer, but then I realized the true source, this stupid filter, and immediately began trying to remove the damn thing.  I ended up buying a tool, and this past week managed to break part of the filter out.  Water pressure is back to normal.  This is the little devil that was causing the problem and the tool that took it out.

And what about Rudy's million dollar settlement?  Wowza!  I found it interesting that one of his attorneys said Giuliani's drinking was major part of his problem.  I remember when the January 6 hearings were taking place and witnesses were saying that there times when you could smell the alcohol on his breath.  So, basically, Rudy Giuliani is not just a liar, he's drunkard as well.  Why does this not surprise me.  

And The Hill came put out an article this morning purporting that current polls show Trump easily winning the GOP nomination in swing states, and... possibly, those states if the election were to happen today.  First things first: polls lie.  I only know one person who answers random phone calls and he does it to harass the callers, and if it were a pollster?  He'd lie because he'd think it was fun.  Second up is that members of Gen Z might look at a text, but they don't answer phone calls unless it's one of their friends.  Oh, wait, that's actually part of "first things first."  In order for any poll to have even the slightest bit of veracity, they need to begin listing the total number of calls they made in order to reach the1400 voters their poll required.  Honestly, I don't know a single pollster that does this.  So, ignore all polls.



  1. In his summation Giuliani’s own attorney compared him to a “flat-earther” who will never stop believing The Big Lie and asked the jury to “have sympathy” when determining how much he owes the plaintiffs in his defamation suit.


    In 2016 polls said Clinton would easily win and people believed that and those who didn't like her stayed home because she was going to win anyway.

    As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, "Big mistake! Huge."


    1. To be honest, I think the jury was just as sympathetic to him as he was to that mother and daughter.

  2. We have been slow finally in the showroom. Most by now did there new furnishings for the holiday, and are now home or out and about taking care of finishing touches for Christmas.

    These republicans are dumb. Can't they see they are losing at everything? They are losing cases after case, being dropped left and right, losing lawsuits...there going down like toy soldiers. Numbskulls. We the people and even some republicans have had enough!!!

    1. Republicans will only see what they want to see. And it was slow in flooring.