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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Letting Go

 There's dense fog outside my window.  The temps are going to fine today, but no sun, and tomorrow?  When they're forecasting 100% chance of rain you know there's not going to be a break in the clouds.  And the rain?  It might be torrential at times.  This being said, it's also a Sunday, usually a slow day in retail, and I have to work.  Oh, Joy!

Yesterday, I went to the store and when I got home realized I'd not put a few things on my list, so I'll be heading out again this morning after I finish this entry.  One of the things I picked up yesterday was a piece of beef for London Broil.  Pricy! I've decided to start a holiday tradition where I'm going to be having London Broil on Christmas day.  

I spent some time sanding down the door frame from the dining room to the kitchen yesterday, now there's dust everywhere, so a decent cleaning will take place this morning as well.  And, speaking of the kitchen, I realized that the painting will soon be coming to an end, that leaves a bit of tiling to do, and then the floor.  The tiling is going to be easy, and I bought enough of the same tile so I don't need to concern myself with running out.  

The final draft for The Body in Motion might be finished this afternoon.  Then I'll need to print it off and read through it one more time.  I once worked with a man who wrote a non-fiction boon on autism.  He had an editor he was paying very handsomely, who kept wanting changes, on changes, on changes, at least that what this author told me.  Truthfully, there are some people who simply can not let things go, which I suspect was the case for this author.  After working on his manuscript for years, I suspect it wasn't a demanding editor he was dealing with, but rather the editing process had become a crutch upon which he leaned upon so much that he was just afraid to let go.  I don't have that problem.  I'm to interested in moving onto the next project.  

That big harrumph you heard last week was Bob when he found out Time had named Taylor Swift as it's person of the year.

And, since it's the weekend, things are bound to be politically slow.  The Orange Anus will probably hold some sort of mini-rally that he'll say was huuuge, really huuuge, because lying is second nature to him.  And no doubt he will bring up Taylor Swift and call her a 3rd rate entertainer who's been desperately trying to get him to perform at least one of her songs at his mini-rallies.


  1. I don't get Time and their Person of the Year is usually someone in the press the most, so it's a popularity contest.

    1. True, but but you evidently didn't see the hate exploding all over the internet! Raw Rage, if you get my drift, and that's a very good thing.

  2. I love London Broil too and am all for making new traditions at Christmas. As far as I'm concerned, Christmas lunch must be anything but turkey!

    1. I agree. I'm pretty much turkeyed out for the next couple of years.