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Thursday, December 28, 2023

The Boys in the Boat

 Well, yesterday it rained.  All day.  A steady, soaking rain fell from morning to night across Central PA.  The temps hovered in the upper 40s (F) to low 50s (F).  As a result, I did very little.  For some odd reason, I kept thinking that it felt like some forlorn Sunday, where it's easier to just spend the time in a mini-hibernation, rather than waste the energy to do anything.  

Today will be different.  I go to work.  The clouds are still going to be covering the sky, and drizzles and showers are to predicted, so I'm anticipating a day of a slowness.  Hopefully, I won't have any customers to call.  I'm a staunch believer of calling customers when the time is right.  That week between Christmas and New Years?  Kids are home from school.  Many take vacation.  Contractors aren't working.  It's that space of time when life moves out into left field and it's better to observe the game instead of participating.  Not that people don't move.  I am.  I'm going to work.

I was going to post a picture of the Shepherd's Pie I made, but that will happen tomorrow because I went to the movies last night.  Finally, something was playing at my local theater that I wanted to go see.  And what was it?  The Boys in the Boat; the story of the University of Washington's Junior Boat team going to the 1936 Olympics in Germany and beating Hitlers Nazi team.  This is a feel good movie and I'm certain most people in the audience knew where it was going right from the beginning.  And it was fun!  One thing that did surprise me was the number of people in the audience.  There were a lot.  Sometimes people prefer the "should see" movie, instead of the "must see" movie.

And, speaking of Hitler, or the mini-wannabe version we call Donald Trump, he's still spitting out Adolph's paraphrases, except he's claiming that he, the Orange Anus, has said them first.  And his lies continue.  They will get worse.  He is going to attempt to incite another insurrection, since that will be his only chance for survival.  Some Republicans will go with him.  Let's hope we've learned from the mistakes we made after the Civil War.  Back then we let everyone go home.  This time, the insurrectionists need to be jailed.  It's the only way they will learn.


  1. Thanks for the movie recommendation. Didn't Hitler storm out of the stadium when Owens won gold in the 1936 Olympics?

    1. I checked, after the first day, he no longer publicly congratulated any of the gold medal winners. This movie depicts him leaving the viewing stands in a bit of a huff.