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Friday, December 15, 2023


 And the forecast for this weekend on the Eastern Coast of the US is for rain.  Yep, more rain.  It seems as though our only precipitation will be falling when the vast majority of people aren't working.  This is just what they all wanted, you know?  Me.  Doesn't bother me.  The temps are predicted to be in the mid 50s (F) today means it's going to be warm.  That will save on my heating bill.  Good stuff!

And I accomplished a number of chores yesterday.  I'm happy when that happens.  

There was this great article in the Washington Post about morning people, and how they might have Neanderthal DNA.  Who'd have thunk?  I have high cheek bones and that hints I might my homo-sapien might just be blended.  That might explain why I might prefer getting up early, and getting things done. 

And I finally watched the live action Little Mermaid last evening.  I was putting it off because the animated version had such an impact.  The live action version?  Well, kind of a meh.  One of the songs I liked in the animated version was cut, another added song tried to update the soundtrack... meh.  Someone at Disney came up with the not too brilliant idea of remaking all of their animated films as live action films.  It worked well with Beauty and the Beast, but otherwise most of the live action remakes are simply meh.

I baked snickerdoodles yesterday.  Usually there's a lot of cinnamon involved, however, this recipe called for cardamon.  The flavor is rather interesting, and while being tasty, I doubt if I'll be using this recipe again.  It would need to pop, instead it's just a little too... meh.

Regarding the Biden investigation into possible impeachment that the Republicans are foisting onto the American people, while most understand this is pure retaliation for the Trump impeachments, both of them, many understand there's nothing impeachable in his behavior.  An interesting bit is that a majority of Americans, by two or three percent, are for this investigation.  Perhaps this is because most Americans understand that this will help Republicans throw red meat to their base, the rest of us are simply waiting for them to make fools out of themselves; like they're doing with Hunter Biden.  Let's be honest, his agreeing to testify before in an open setting prevents them from dirtifying the proceedings, which is what they desperately  want to do.  At this point, I do think that when most Americans think of Hunter Biden, they think of an ex-junkie, and simply shrug their shoulders and say meh.


  1. Oh, the impeachment ruse by the repugs is just one more talking point. The #impeachbiden is just that, a hashtag that pretends to put both Cheeto and Uncle Joe in the same category. Nothing further from the truth.
    But as you said, it's red meat for the base. Uncle Joe has been in politics for what? Forty years? And they come up with... Hunter's dick pics? Yeah.
    And I liked the Little Mermaid. Not as much as the animated version, mind you, but I liked it. It's such a twisted tale, though...


    1. One of the things that stood out in the live action version is how much Ariel really doesn't talk when she has legs, that didn't seem so obvious in the animated version.

  2. The only two Disney Live Action ones I've liked have been Cruella and Maleficent but only the first one.

    Yeah the impeachment things pretty funny. Going forward now are we just going to impeach every president just because the other side doesn't like them?

  3. It appears the GOP thinks if they find Hunter dirt they can use that to impeach Joe.
    Yes, they are THAT stupid.

    1. You realize that at this point all they're really trying to do is keep their cult together.