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Friday, December 1, 2023

Moms for Liberty menage a trois

 Well, we had a really red sky this morning, that means we should be ready to hunker down because of bad weather.  We shall see.  The temps didn't drop below freezing; the warmer they are the better for my heating bill.  Speaking of heating, I got an email yesterday from UGI, my natural gas provider, that a big price drop is coming in December.  How much?  My bill should drop around $10 a month.  That's good.  Every penny saved is a penny spent on paying off the kitchen.

Because it's supposed to be a cool, rainy day, I've decided I'm going to be making New England Calm Chowder.  For about 2 minutes I was torn, thinking I might make Manhattan Clam Chowder instead (I like both), but the New England is more a cool, drizzly weather kind of dish while the Manhattan is fine for cool summer nights.

I'm also going to be hanging 2 more cabinet doors in the kitchen today.  Two more hinges need to be order for me to hang them all.  The baseboard, at least some of it, will also get a painting today.  The final coat is going on some of the cabinets, too.  The time is approaching when I'll have to spend hours on my hands and knees putting in the new floor.

And of course, a lot of people are talking about this:

That's Christian and Bridgett Ziegler.  He's the GOP Chairman in Florida and she's a co-founder of the Moms for Liberty.  Apparently they've been in a consensual menage a trois (threesome, for those who don't know French) with another woman for some time.  Evidently, this 3rd party has accused Christian of rape (and other things), and the shit is about to hit the fan.  The Moms for Liberty had released a statement supporting Bridgett, but later retracted.  Of course, being devout Christians (not a pun), Chris and Bridgett believe all they have to do is ask God to forgive them and things will be hunky dory.  Wrong.

There was also a debate last evening.  I didn't watch.  While I like Gavin Newsome, it was on Fox Entertainment Channel.  It was also hosted by that billionaire conservative Sean Hannity.  Need I say anything more?  I haven't looked at the rating, but they probably were low.  I'm sure Ronnie was hoping this would boost his campaign... from what I've seen, it didn't.  

Finally, is today the day that George Santos gets expelled?  Conservatives like for news to happen late on Fridays, hoping that nobody talks about it over the weekend, so there is a distinct possibility Georgie will be fired... and then possibly arrested.


  1. Moms for Liberty is another one of those groups that can't keep their pie holes shut about nothing.

    1. Moms for Liberty is a fascist, pseudo Christian Nationalist oraganization which has been designated a Hate Group.

  2. I cackled when I learned about the Moms for Threesomes. Hypocrisy, thy name is xtianist.

    As for Meatbal Ron? Oh, twitter was aflame which the comments of Newson sweeping the floor with him. Ron was in true form looking cagey and pretending to be human. Newson was… great.
    And they just got rid of Kitara. I’m expecting tea and shenanigans.

    Oh, and yum chowder!



    1. Here's hoping Santos has pilfered enough filth on remaining Republicans to make their lives hell.

  3. Watching Santos scurry out of the Capitol like the rat he is was a bonus today!

    1. I missed that! I did get to see them take down his name plate, though.

  4. I wonder how many ménage à trois there are with two men and one woman! Not many I suspect.