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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Is Gini Thomas miffed?

 Yesterday was a warm, sunny day.  I loved it!  With the temp hovering at 53 (F), Lily and I took a walk.  She loves walks.  Today's supposed to be warm, but we're not expecting to climb into the 50s (F) again.  Today's high is supposed to be climb up into the mid 40s (F), but that's fine.  Every warm day is one day less that I need to pay for heating my house.

I got a lot of things done yesterday, including a good cleaning of the tank in the living room.  I bought a UV light to help manage the algae in the writing room tank; it's so bad right now the water has a greenish tint.  In all of the years I've had aquariums, I've never had as much of an algae problem as I now have, but then they all had fluorescent lights, not the brilliant LED lights we have today.  Brighter lit tanks = more work.

Early yesterday afternoon, I had a nice conversation with my neighbor.  She's nice, but either limited, or very naive.  She told me she feels as though everybody is watching them, so I was honest and told her nobody in the neighborhood really cares what they do.  She complained that her son's room was "chilly," her word, not mine.  She said she bought a heater to keep it warm.  So I told her that before the renovation, it was an attic with no heat, and there's still no heat, and only one outlet.  If we have any really cold days, that's kid's going to freeze.  This is what happens when you don't pay for a Home Inspection.  

Because there is no soundproofing between our houses, I bought myself a gaming headset, which was actually a smart move.  The sound is so much clearer than what I heard just using the soundbar, so I'm thinking this was a very good investment.  

One of the things I find truly interesting is that the Supreme Court which Donald Trump, and the Republican party, loaded to be touchy feely friendly to the GOP has been failing to give them what they want, Supreme Status in America.  Of course the Court's biggest test is going to be Trump's immunity status.  They are on very thin ice right now, and I'm certain that one Justice in particular, namely Clarence Thomas, is all for saying that the white billionaire is right, and should be able to do what he wants.  Many legal experts are weighing in on the subject, and by far a majority of them are saying Trump isn't.  With this is mind, I'm wondering if Ginni Thomas is miffed.  I'm betting she is.  Let's be honest here, she's a white woman with terrible taste in cardigan sweaters who's just like her husband: she feels she's deserving.  Saying Trump is immune from anything and everything would open up the flood gates for all those grifts and bribes to come rolling into her open arms.  Many are saying Clarence should recuse himself, but he won't.  That would be an admission of guilt.  Besides, Ginni would never let him.


  1. The Supreme Court is already on very thin ice with the they best watch out for the cracks. If it does, no way will they be trusted again, with anything.

    1. You're right, and most of them care about that, except for Thomas and Alito.

  2. I kinda like our neighborhood because there's about an acre or more between homes so noise is never an issue ... which we know because Carlos practices his trumpet with windows open!

    1. I am so jealous... well, not about the trumpet since I know how loud brass players can be.