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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

The Beef

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas!  Mine was nice and quiet.  The temps climbed into the mid 50s (F) here in Central PA.  For the most part, the skies were clear.  All in all, a nice non-snowy Christmas day.  

I check the temp when I got up and according to Accuweather it was 41 (F).  Looking out the window, it's foggy.  Supposedly there's a slight drizzle happening, but not around my house.  Rain is on the way, some today, more tomorrow, like the forecasters are saying 100% chance of rain.

Garbage collection is always a day late after Christmas, for me it will be tomorrow, but that doesn't stop some of my neighbors from putting out their refuse and recycling bins early.  To be honest, I don't think they're aware of this delay.  

And I know there are some out there who think I'm a little cold at times, well, according to the Washington Post, that's normal for me.  For as long as I can remember, every time I've had my temperature taken, that old thermometer has pegged my body temp at 97, or there abouts.  This means that when I was battling through one of my frequent bouts of tonsillitis, when my fever topped off at 104 (F), I was really running a super fever.  One of those times happened during Navy boot camp and I was sent back to the barracks with a rack pass for 3 days.  I later learned that with a fever that high, they should have hospitalized me.  Now, isn't that interesting.

And I did make London Broil yesterday, though I roasted it instead of broiling it and ended up with just the right amount of pink.  But, if I have to be truly honest, while the beef was quite tasty, it was the gravy that won the day.  I have not had beef gravy in years!  I may have to start buying more beef just to get to make the gravy.  And Lily?  She got a big, juicy beef bone with lots of fat, gristle, and cartilage cooked up for her. 

Biden's Christmas message was nice, positive.  The Orange Anus, on the other hand put out an ALL CAP hate fest again.  I don't read his rants, those others do and post their astonished comments on Threads and I will sometimes glance at them.  Honestly, I don't think that old man ever stops shrieking.  He seems to think Presidential Immunity is going to let him get away with anything and everything he wants to do.  He desperately wants to be a dictator.  He will turn American against American to try and get that to happen.  He has become the face of Evil.


  1. Core difference between this President that last one: one is a decent human being and the other is a POS.

    1. And the last one will do anything and everything to keep from being flushed.

  2. Glad your xmas was good!
    And you know Stinky Orange is always capping everything. Poor smelly ogre.



  3. That London broil looks wonderful. I think you missed your vocation!!