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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

When the Universe is no bigger than your Ego

The temps are supposed to hit the mid 80s today.  That's hot for mid-April.  The record is 85 (F).  Forecasters are letting us know, perhaps because we might tie that temp, or possibly top it.  Thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon.  I am so glad I put the A/C units in the upstairs windows, they will keep the temps moderate.  I can live with that.

Sometime during the night, the number 12 switch on my circuit breaker flipped: living room, dining room, and bedrooms had no power when I woke up.  The only things using electricity were the two aquariums.  However, something odd happened when I flipped the circuit back on:  the ceiling light in the dining room came on.  Why is that odd?  The ceiling light has no wall switch, a remote control is used to turn it on and off.  I haven't used the remote control to turn the ceiling light on in weeks.  So why, when I turned the power back on, did the ceiling light come on? (Key eerie music).

Most of us understand that the universe is large... very, very large.

There are those, however, who have no concept of its vastness.  Who are these people?  Well, I've decided that religious people don't get it, especially those with extreme beliefs.  For them, the universe will never extend farther than their property line, or their apartment walls, or their ego.  Ego, you ask?  Yes, you know what I'm talking about?  Those people who believe their success to be a blessing, Like Scottie Scheffler.  He recently won some sort of golfy thing and Jesus came in to play for his victory (pun intended).  You see, in Scottie's mind he is totally incompetent in the game of golf.  His victory was a blessing because of his extreme religious beliefs.  His religious universe will never be any larger than his ego: that makes him special.  No matter what other evils are going on in the world, he was chosen to win golf tournaments, because of his beliefs, they make him a good golfer.  So far in 2022, Scottie has earned around $7.5 million playing golf.  You see, Scottie's ego is telling him the deity he believes in has prioritized golf over a war in the Ukraine, and a ruthless dictator in North Korea who has set himself up as an alternative deity.  In case you're wondering, Scottie is not alone.  We have a problem.


  1. So you are just going to leave us hanging. May be the ceiling fan has a loose wire that is arcing?

    1. I haven't turned the ceiling fan on in a long time so the only way it could be turned on would be if I walked downstairs in my sleep and picked up the remote control and turned the light on.

  2. Haha I read about the golf player. Idiot.
    And we've had thunderstorms ALL DAY. Really. And it's in the sixties. Good for the plants. Horrible for driving.
    And now that you mentioned sleepwalking I cannot take it out my mind!!!! Eeeeee!


  3. Ghosts and demons like a little air circulation, and apparently Jesus loves golf.

  4. Kinda puts me in mind of a scene from Friends when Phoebe thought she was turning the TV on and off by blinking when in fact it was just another cast member messing about trying to figure out what the mysterious switch was for!