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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Primary This

 A happy Saturday to everyone out there!

I am scheduled to work today, and tomorrow, and Monday.  Full eight-hour shifts, too.  The temps are forecast to hit the high 60s (F) today, so I sure our garden department will be busy.  This is the season of mulch.  We sell tons of it... literally.  I don't use it, possibly because my mom, using what I believe was an attempt at a French accent, always referred to it as 'mulsh.'  She did the same thing with charcoal, so when we grilled, we grilled with 'sharcoal.'

Weather wise, today is predicted to be nice.  Tomorrow?  Rain is supposed to come to town. 

I picked up Biggie's prescription for gabapentin and there was a price increase: 2 cents a capsule.  Everything goes up in cost, the income stays the same. 

One of the things I am truly grateful for is owning my home.  I have friends who are in the upper 60's who rent and are not going into semi-retirement because they will need to be paying rent for the rest of their lives.  I don't think renters ever realize that rent payment is never going to go away until it's too late for them to buy.  

And, of course, Primary season is approaching, taht wonderful time when voters decide who is going to run in the fall midterms.  In Pennsylvania, we have 2 out-of-staters vying to replace that loser, Pat Toomey.  Who will garner the nomination?  The Cracker Jack Crazy Thompson?  Or the Trump backed wonderful wizard of Oz?  Oh... wait, I'm wrong, it's Mehmet Oz.  The wizard wants nothing to do with this.

And if you think the Pennsylvania primary interesting, you'll simply love the North Carolina primary in which Madison Crawford is running to keep a failed political career alive.  I understand there is a video with Crawford's male scheduler groping Madison's crotch.  No, I haven't seen it, not that I think it matters.  While I would love to see him notch up the nomination for what would be a sure win for Democrats in November, I'm fairly certain he has racked up enough irreparable damage to lose.  Of course, we are talking about North Carolina republicans here, so at this point anything goes.


  1. I agree, owning your own home is an absolute must. And for me, what started out as a pretty stiff mortgage, fairly quickly became more than manageable as the years rolled by. While I could still afford to pay rent locally on my pension, it would only be for a smallish apartment and not a house with a bit of land. And of course, your landlord can never put the rent up or evict you, can he!

    1. And, of course, once it's paid off, you build equity which can be used as either a retirement nest egg, or fun money.

  2. I remember dr oz being exposed for a fraud

    No wonder he's a Republican

  3. Cawthorn's friend didn't exactly grope, but he did lay his hand on Cawthorn's crotch. Every day we learn more and more what a hypocritical POS Cawthorn is, and I wonder if the people of North Carolina are paying attention.

    1. I haven't seen the video; I'll take your word. Either way, I do hope he wins the primary so we can take him out in November.... wait, I don't mean take him out... but you know what I mean.