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Saturday, April 2, 2022


 Hello weekend, what ever that means.  There was a time when everything shut down on the weekends, that is no longer the case.  Many who have a Monday thru Friday full time job, now work part-time on weekends so whatever pertinence the weekend has is now relative.  Things are always changing.  Will actual weekends ever come back for a majority of American workers?  I doubt it. 

Yesterday, on my day off, I did relatively nothing... well, that's not totally true.  Laundry was done, the bathroom was cleaned, I did my grocery shopping at my local Giant.  

Oh, and Will Smith has resigned from the Academy of Arts and Sciences.  It's kind of a little late for his fettered anguish and tears.  Slapping a comedian on live world wide television because you didn't like their joke is more than an 'oh... Shit!' moment.  Thanks to that moment, so much dirt is being shoveled about the Smiths, that his fans are experiencing and very serious WTF moment.  I wouldn't be surprised if his next staring role isn't going to be his Sharknado 37.

My peach tree is blossoming.

I understand that old, and very white, Mitch McConnell is doggedly trying to upset the apple cart for Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination to the Supreme Court.  Well, I don't see why anyone should find that surprising.  I wonder if he's worried she might Clarence (I'm an Oreo) Thomas look phony.

And yesterday, the House of Representatives passed a single item bill capping the cost of insulin at $35 and 193 Republicans voted against it.  They didn't offer and substantive arguments as to why they wanted to kill the bill.  Of course, we do know they love their corporate greed more than they do life.


  1. Bitch McConnell says KBJ is soft on crime, but remember how soft on crime he was for four years while a con man was in the WH.
    McTurtle can FOAD.

    1. She represents a future he finds terrifying.

  2. Will Smith is a bloody idiot and (in my opinion) a puppet to his wife who would seem to be pulling his strings. Oh I don't doubt they deserve each other but wow, way to go!

    1. Their karma is horrendous and, to paraphrase you, they deserve what they get.

  3. Replies
    1. the election in Kentucky is going to be interesting because the Trumper Bumpers want him gone, too.