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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Track this

Well, here it is Wednesday and so far no mid-week crisis.  

There was a bit of concern yesterday with Lily's right eye.  When she woke up her nictitating membrane didn't retract completely.  Crap.  Of course, I jumped on my computer and the first thing that popped up was 'cherry eye.'  However, that usually crops up during the puppy stage, 8-9 months.  In dogs her age, the issue is usually caused by a problem with a gland under her eye, and... yep, she has some swelling below her eye.  I suspect she has a bit of an infection in there since it's not as bad today as it was yesterday.  Right now she's under observation since there are long stretches where the membrane is completely retracted.

I've a busy day planned for today.  Lots of chores to do.  A list has even been made.  We shall see what gets accomplished.  

I was walked 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday and... there was a bit of a problem with my Fenix 6 Pro.  It wasn't tracking correctly.  My distance is logged into the app so after a walk is finished, I can see things like pacing, how many times my feet hit the treadmill.  At 3.2 mph there were obvious gaps where my steps slowed down.  You don't slow down when the belt you're walking on is speeding along a 3.2 miles an hour.  Slowing down, leads to falling.  That didn't happen, in fact my pace was right on.  I've been recording these discrepancies for some time, and will soon contact Garmin.  I'm sure they'll have an excuse.  Large tech companies always do.

I've tried setting it back to factory defaults

And I guess everybody has seen that the spawn of Satan, Trump, has cancelled his little hate fest for tomorrow.  From what I understand there was a lot of horror ratcheting through the Republican part over what he might say.  They know 72% of the American people view the events of January 6, 2021 as an attack on Democracy... and are not happy.  At the same time, they also know they need the votes of those 28% who loyally believe their evil master.  I'm betting the party made another deal with the devil in order to shut him up.  This is how evil works.  Remember, for him it's all about 'the art of the deal.'


  1. I hope Lily's eye heals up ok. Is it something you can treat yourself or will it involve a trip to the vet's if not?

    1. Hopefully it will clear up, she hates going to the vet.

  2. Hope Lily's okay.

    I was kinda hoping Thing 45 would have his rally because he'd no doubt implicate himself in the insurrection and I'm here for that!

    1. I'm hoping her eye gets better, she is not a 'vet' friendly dog.

      And you're not alone in wishing Trump had dumped another load of lies.