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Saturday, January 8, 2022


Well, here it is, Saturday... again.  I do have to go in to work today, for 6 hours.  Hopefully they will be fine.  This is the time of year when business does a dive... at least on most years.  Last year business was... busy.  Same as the year before.  I don't know where people are getting the money, but they don't seem to mind spending it.  Perhaps most of them are just content to go deeper and deeper into debt.  That is not such a good plan.  Believe me, the sooner you are debt free, the better life will be.

Rather than 3 miles a day, I've been walking 2 on the treadmill, well, to be more accurate, I usually walk for 45 minutes.  I was under the belief that my Garmin Fenix Pro 6 tracking distance through footsteps, so steps were wracking up every time my feet hit the moving belt.  Nope.  That's not the case.  Evidently the swinging of your arm as you walk is what is used for that calculation.  This means gripping the HRM on the front bar to check your heart rate causes you to lose steps.  Not swinging your arms forcefully enough, will cause you to lose steps.  Son of a bitch!

And, for those cold winter days when the temperatures are below freezing and you don't want to bundle up to go to the gym, might I recommend The Fit Gent.  He does all of his workouts with just bands and dumbbells, and by dumbbells I mean the ones you hold in your hand, not the ones you work with.

One of the things I find truly amazing about Republicans is that they really don't think.  They jump to conclusions as though they were concrete facts, rather than a proven conclusion.  Take the 74 million voters who checked Trump rather than Biden on their ballot.  In their feeble minds, those 74 million are locked in and guaranteed to vote Republican.  That terrible miscalculation is one dumbbells can not stop themselves from making, to think otherwise would mean they might be wrong.  Conservatives are never wrong, and they will lie through their teeth to convince you of that fact.  This is why they need to be relegated to some obscure political position where they will have absolutely no access to change what normal people expect in their daily lives.  And, since they will never learn, our only choice is to vote them into the history books as a greasy foot note.  Vote Blue.   Vote Blue.   Vote Blue.



  1. +When you factor in the Republicans who died because they didn't get vaxxed, and the Republicans who are sickened by Thing 45 and his ilk, there are not 74 million any longer.

    Good luck GOP.
    All it takes for Blue to lose is for Blues not to vote.

    1. Not having 75 million votes is a truth that escapes them because that would mean they made a mistake. Conservatives never make a mistake.

  2. You had me at the opening with the debt. During the pandemic i have been more careful about spending money willy nilly...I wouldn't want a lot of debt right now like your saying.

    1. This is something I do not understand, and most likely never will.