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Sunday, January 2, 2022


So, I get to work yesterday and for some reason management decided not to bring in food.  Maybe they're getting cheap.  Anyway, for a meal I supped on chicken ramen noodles, and 2 strawberry health bars, oh, and a single serving bag of potato chips from Panera Bread.  Today I'm taking my meal.  Chicken.

Oh, and it rained all day yesterday.  According to the forecast more rain is on the way for today as well.  As long as there are pauses for the dogs to go outside, rain is fine.  Snow is fine, too.  Though if this year is anything like last, we're not going to see much.

And this is Sunday, meaning this is going to be a slow day in blogland.  That being the case, I thought I'd post a couple of videos.  The first was a moment of spontaneity.  Sitting on the dog's sofa, I grabbed my phone did a little bit about the editing process.  You can tell this is an impromptu moment because the dogs are not trying to hog their way into the forefront.  Also, I sound a bit stuffy for some reason or other.  Apologies, for the quality, I copied this from something I posted to Facebook

Also, about a year ago, I had begun taking notes on The Body in Repose.  One day, I was wasting time at the computer watching YouTube videos when I came across a performer named Horus Mozarabe who's a male belly dancer.   The idea of using a 1940's style night club similar to one in either Manhattan or Los Angeles was already in the notes, though this club was going to be set in the present day French Quarter.  Something clicked while I was watching this video.  Grabbing a fluorescent yellow post-it note, I wrote down the name of this night club:  The Amon-Ra.  Here's Horus.



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    1. I agree, you might want to check out some of his other videos. On the more recent ones, he's kept the fur on his chest.

  2. Ugh, your editing video! You have some patience. I used to edit huge documents (500 pages) and by the time I'd red-inked them the 10th time I was ready to slit my wrists! Mind you they were technical documents on international trade (I was editing the English not the content, obvs) so I'm sure your edits are more interesting!

  3. I don't mind the rewriting, in fact it's kind of fun. Proofreading? I am the worst, that's why I now have 4 talented editors.