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Friday, July 30, 2021

The Swarm

 Today is my Frump day, that means for most of you it's a Friday while for me it's a Hump day.  

And, in case you're wondering, we did have rain yesterday.  The humidity was heavy.  I like to ask customers what the weather's like outside of the store.  Yesterday, no one had a nice thing to say.

Can we talk about a communication break down?  If issues crop up after we sell an installation, they are resolved by a COS (Customer Order Specialist).  Believe me, they do crop up from time to time.  Normally, when we get an inquiry or complaint, we transfer the call to the COS.  Well, our COS is helping out at a different store this week.  Since no one told us, we've been transferring calls to her extension... calls which are not getting a response because... yeah, that's right, she's working at a different store.

My back is feeling much better.  After all of these years, I should be used to this by now.  This episode was definitely on the light side.  I think they happen to remind me I do have some limitations.  And believe it or not, it isn't the meds that help most, it's a good, old-fashioned heating pad set on low.

I may end up putting mowing my lawn until Monday.  That's fine.  The tall grass will make for slow mowing.  Sweat pants and a long sleeved T-shirt will be required because of the blood-sucking mosquitos.  Wearing anything else means entering into the swarm.

And I saw in The Hill yesterday where the failed, one term loser president, let loose with a stream of angry verdictives when he heard 17 Republican Senators had vote to discuss the infrastructure package.  Dumb ass.  Seriously.  Just think about it.  This loser yammers something venomous about Republicans at the very time many Republicans in the House are being proven to be liars and fakes by the Jan 6 commission.  Many say they are too busy to either be watching or listening to the hearings... well, that's a lie.  You can bet their eyes and ears are glued to the testimony, desperately praying things don't get any worse for them.  And what does dumbshit do?  Spits out a big turd.


  1. Did you read about the candidate he was supporting in Texas lost their election, and now he's blaming others for saying he supported that candidate?
    Effing loser.

    1. I know at first he tried to spin it as though it was a win, dumb shit.

  2. He ain't President no more....he can shut his fat toad like mouth.

    1. The only positive thing to say is the more he opens it up, the worse he and his minions look.

  3. Oh, Mosquitos. They can be merciless.
    And Customer Service is hell on speed dial. Horrible job.
    As for Cheeto ranting about the Repugs who are doing their job, well, it's expected. He hates losing control of those idiots and is worried Uncle Joe will score several wins with this package, so yeah. He's ranting.


    1. He's a rotten loser, what else should we expect.