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Saturday, July 10, 2021

Little Suckers

 Silly me, I forgot to mention it's The Weekend.   That's for all of you who have a 5 day work week.  Since I work 4 days this week, my Hump Moment will happen around 0300, and I'm going to celebrate it by sleeping.

We had another torrential downpour yesterday while I was at work.  Mosquitos are becoming rather prevalent.  Last year people in my neighborhood had a bit of a problem with the little bastards.  Some blamed it on being so close to the river, barely a mile as the crow flies.  They overlook the fact that we have a small park less then a quarter mile away that has sitting water.  I know, I've walked the dogs there.  I'm thinking that's where most of the little suckers come from.

Today the weather's supposed to nice and sunny, though tomorrow they're forecasting more thunderstorms.  From July to mid-September we tend to be dry, last year that changed and we were wetter then normal.  This year's looking to be similar to last year.  This might be a pre-cursor as to what Global Warming is going to do to the region, possibly turn us into a rain forest.

Republicans are desperately trying to find something they can use to attack Biden, and failing miserably.  This is not surprising when you look at lack of morals, and ethics, and values they represent.  For years they tried to represent themselves as the part of family values, but then they put the Spawn of Satan in the White House and lied like hell to keep his evil ass in power.  The truth is they're just like mosquitos, desperately trying to drain the lifeblood of America in their attempt to stay in power.  What a shame we can't simply build a big MAGA zapper.

Dana Milbank's opinion of Mitch McConnell published in the Washington Post is quite interesting.  I will tell you, though, the title "Mitch McConnell is naked and afraid" created such a frightening vision, I almost didn't read it.  I kept yelling at my eyes, "Look Away!  Look Away!"


  1. We had more rain come through here two AFTER Elsa than we did during Elsa.

    1. We got some rain from Elsa, not much, most of ours came before and after.