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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Bite Me

 I do believe I had that sign on my back yesterday when I went out to mow my lawn.  Every little flyin' critter within miles began swarming around me.  Lots of little bites.  Nothing serious, and they went away soon after I was back in the house.  Still, if everything weren't so wet.  There is sitting water everywhere.

And last night I went to the movies to see Black Widow.  We did not stay for the tag at the very end, after all of the credits.  Interesting storyline from an earlier time in the character's life.  Most of the cast was women, and it was directed by a women, but there were lots of men in the audience, and not because of Scarlett Johansson.  I thought some of the actions scenes went on a little too long.  Marvel Studios works very hard to take the comic book out of their movies, yet the giant action piece at the end must have come straight from comic book, or graphic novel, which ever you want to call it.

There will be a big change in movie.  The stop at the concession stand is going to have to stop.  $14.08 (+ tax) for a small beverage and popcorn is too much.  The total cost of the movie and the snacks was over $22.  I understand AMC is trying to make back the revenue they lost from last year, and they need to understand that it's not coming from my wallet.  Personally, if they think I'm going to pay their costs, they can just bite me.

Of course, you can't look at any form of news media without hearing about Delta.  More important, every where you look, people are talking about just who isn't getting vaccinated.  And Fox News?  Even though they are all vaccinated, they are shrieking the siren's song of the unvaccinated.  For those who don't know, mythological sirens used to to sing their songs to lure sailors.  They sail their ships onto the rocks, their ships sink, the sailor's die, and the sirens are happy.  This is Fox News.  They really don't care if people die, just about their ratings.  Good ratings lets them charge more in advertising fees.  Personally, when I think of Fox News, the first words that spring from my lips are "bite me."


  1. No one that is vaccinated should be riling up the unvaccinated masses. The bugs are bad here too. To much rain. Black Widow sounds like another woke woman fest. I won't be seeing it.

    1. Re: Black Widow, we noticed most of the stunt work was done by men.

  2. Ohhh I wanna see this movie. I love the character, too.
    And of course Faux News keep saying the vaccines are not working, not necessary and a plot from the government. All while all of them are vaccinated. Killers.


    1. They will say and do anything for ratings.