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Monday, July 19, 2021


 Monday has arrived.  This is my Staycation Hump Day.  I'm right in the middle.   Unfortunately, I've got to spend some of today at the car dealership.  There were 2 recalls that need to be taken care of on my car.  Hopefully they will only waste about an hour of my time.  I will do what I did last time.  Take the first chapters of The Body in Repose and reread and edit.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon down in York with my friend Betsy.  We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  As is always the case, I ate way to much.  Here's my fortune:

I harvested my first cucumber yesterday.  I think I purchased the wrong kind, this looks more like the ones used in making pickles. Does anybody know if they're still edible?  I suppose they are as those you buy in the supermarket.

My lower back has been bothering me, so I'm going to go back on the naproxin regime.  It's been a quite some time.  Most likely I pulled something, or strained something.  Everything's ducky dandy after about 20 minutes with the heating pad, so I know it's nothing serious.

Evidently the Matty and MTG mini hatefest couldn't fine a venue wanting to let them spread their lies while they were in California.  They struck out 3 times.  Someone should tell them that after 3 strikes, your out.  Not that they'd believe you.  They'd claim you were lying.  This is what they desperately want to believe.  Any other truth would define them as seditious losers.  

And not surprisingly, China is now being charged with global hacking.  Duh.  I see these headlines and can not help but wonder how people could not realize this was happening.  I do hope our government is responding in like kind.  In fact, I'm even more surprised that we are not in the forefront of using this tool against our enemies.


  1. I am not surprised about China. I work with them. Sometimes I wish I didn't.

    1. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to have a Holy Shit moment.

  2. Matt and Green are doing it all for show. They have nothing to do in CA. Famewhore grifters the lot of them.
    And Chinese food is my downfall, too. Well, also Japanese and Vietnamese food. I eat way too much when I eat out.
    And China has been doing this shit for YEARS.


    1. They're also doing it to try and raise campaign fund.