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Monday, July 12, 2021

Hiding the Dirt

 Good Morning Monday!

After today, I'm scheduled off for 2 days, then back on for 2 days, and then off for a week.  Another Staycation is rapidly approaching.  This is  good thing.  I am so looking forward to those days, not that I have a lot planned.  That's precisely the point.  I don't.  Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to let my lazy ass lag around the house.  I will be busy.  I'm almost always busy.

There are a lot of specialists who aren't always honest with customers; they agree with what the customer says, knowing it's not necessarily true.  Not me.  I had a family looking for a carpet runner last evening.  The attractive ones were sold out, and so they were looking at one with an inch of black rubber on each side and used more for commercial applications.  It turns out, they were going to use it in their upstairs hallway.  When the wife asked me what I thought, I was honest.  I told them, "this is something you would use going into a 7-11, or convenience store."  They didn't buy it.  They're not putting it down to protect white carpet.  They just installed easy to clean, vinyl flooring in the hallway, the runner is going to be decorative at best.

The husband also said something I hear a lot.  The runner they were looking at would hide 'dirt.'  I hate that.  If you vacuum, you don't need to buy a runner to hide the dirt, or carpet, for that matter.  Yet a day doesn't go bye without someone saying, "this color is good at hiding the dirt."  Clean your house!  The fact that there are people looking for a color which will allow them not to clean, says a lot.  What?  Do they only want to vacuum every 8 or 9 months?  And it's not just carpet they want to hide the dirt.  Son of a bitch!

I had a nice little ride in Yosemite yesterday.  4.9% grade for the first 3/4 mile.  Fun.  You know how I love my climbs.

And, of course, people are really beginning to take notice that it's Rooper Pooper Murdoch's media outlets that are working on some serious overtime spreading the lies about Covid vaccinations.  I understand everyone at the network had to be vaccinated, but every show is laced with lies about the evils of vaccinations.  Rooper Pooper evidently believes there is more money in lies then truth.  This is fine.  I understand the ratings at Fox are on the slow decline.  This will continue as the crazies die off.  More power to them.  


  1. What amazes me is that MAGAts and Fox News viewers don't get that Thing 45 and his own Klan got the vaccine, and everyone at Fox News got the vaccine.
    So, as AM would have said, if they get COVID and die, too fucking bad.

  2. That does seem to be what's happening, and let's be honest here, I suspect all of us have bought our popcorn and are waiting to enjoy the show.

  3. I was talking to one of my wyves about the incredible stupidity of the MAGAts. She lives in NC, so she's literally surrounded by stupid people. They give her the most stupid answers as to why they don't get the vaccine. She brings up Cheeto and they deny he'd gotten it. I can believe that. Faux News has eaten up their lizard brains.


  4. Unfortunately, not every body can smarten up.

  5. Good for you for being an honest salesman.