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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

High Hell

Today's my Saturday... well, not in name but the spirit is there.  Today is also Halloween.  All Hallows Eve.  That one night of the year when the Idiot Jerk in the White House can take off his mask so the world can see his true horror... Wait... What's that?  He's not wearing a mask?  Shit, and I thought that was his 'pretty boy' look.
He went to Pittsburgh yesterday... alone, well, not quite Melanoma was with him and some Rabbi whom nobody seems to know... Myers, who is no relation to Eli Zinneman-Myers, that I can guarantee.  Even Pat Toomey, our failed Republican Senator stayed away.  I'm sure that didn't sit well with the Idiot Jerk, being shunned.
Normally a president's approval rating goes up during times of National Crisis... his dropped 4 points.  And his braggadocio yesterday about being able to override the Constitution?  Let's be honest here, this guy is dumb as a fucking brick.  Or maybe he's been listening too much to those Evangelicals whispering in his ear.  They tell him he's been chosen and can do what he wants.  Shit, they're as manipulative as he is and, I suspect, it will not be long before they start sacrificing goats.
And, since tonight is Halloween, I'm going to have to turn off the motion detector for my front lights.  Other wise they will turn on every time a Trick or Treater walks by, darkness is much better.  Then they will really get a scare when I let out the big dogs to bark and snarl at them.  What Joy!  Let me tell you Biggie is loud!  Of course, he's not nearly as scary as someone in a Trump mask.
Being that this is a holiday, I do have one decoration, not that I only get it out for this one night of the year.  It's too special for that.

That's right, I have a death globe!  I wish the black flakes inside were sparkly.  We can't have everything, you know?
And if you think this is scary, imagine the horror of Republicans with midterms only 6 days away.  The Idiot Jerk is throwing as much shit at the wall hoping it sticks... the problem is that most of it stinks to high hell.


  1. Well, he also took Jared and Ivanka to show he isn't an anti-Semite since he has a Jewish daughter and son-in-law.

  2. Yeah, I wonder how much he paid them.

  3. yesterday in PGH was a shitshow. the thugs are GOIN' DOWN!

    1. Yeah, I thought it was funny when they said an evidently unknown Rabbi named Myers accompanied them.... He got paid, too.