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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Regarding Jeb... and his cone of silence

Evidently the news is not good for Jeb.  He's spending lots of add money for nothing.  Someone should have told him a long time ago that there are many more fun-filled ways to waste your money instead of flushing it down the toilet.  Of course, maybe he likes to see how fast the green bills will spin before they disappear into the sewer.  Of course, someone should also have told him that his last name "Bush" is more acidic then the blood of an alien, thanks to his brother.  But then W is a brother, as well as Republican, and they do like to re-write history, and surprisingly, it works on their base.
I work with a gentleman named Fred who's a devout Republican.  A few weeks back, while sitting in the lunchroom, I overheard a conversation between Fred and another associate.  Because of something Trump had said, their main topic of discussion was George W. Bush.  Neither seemed to have a problem with the former president.  In fact, at one point, I nearly fell out of my chair when Fred said "now there was a president who stood for something."  To be honest, I was worried I might bleed to death from biting my tongue so hard because I really wanted to say "yeah, he stood for, and still stands for failure."  There is a toxicity around George W. Bush which will last for generations, similar to that dead space that surrounds Chernobyl.

Bush advisers hard at work

Of course, Jeb doesn't understand this, and neither does the Republican base, perhaps because they've surrounded themselves with their own little cone of silence, they hear only what they want to hear, and everything else is silent.  In fact, I suspect, that quite often they can't even hear themselves.

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