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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Trump, Alito, and the cloudy day

 The weather forecasters were correct, we do have rain this morning.  A gentle, soaking rain is falling; I heard it while still laying in bed.  It's a shame the only time they're accurate, when they're right on the money, it's usually when they're predicting rain.  Our highs will be in the upper 60s (F), tomorrow they're supposed to be higher.  By the time we get to the middle of the week they're supposed to be back in the 80s (F).

All the area rugs are out of the writing room, one is rolled up on the front porch, the other is rolled up on the back porch.  Both have the musky scent of Eau de Dog.  I've ordered an enzyme based solution to spray on the hardwood floor.  I also bought hardwood floor refinisher to help cover up the marks from their nails.  This is the price you pay when you have both dogs and hardwood.

I do get to work today.  Yippee!  I don't doubt that the crowds of shoppers we do get will mostly be in the garden department.  We're in full spring mode now, and even if it rains, they're going to want to gussy up their curb appeal heading into Memorial Day.  

Dermot, the narrator, has sent me all of the audio books for The Body on the Lawn.  We got along well.  He does a lot of animation, so he had no problem with the various voices in the book, and believe me, there are a lot of voices.  I always thought about characters and what they're going to say, I never once considered what they would sound like.  Eli sounds nice, Max has a deeper voice.  I was also surprised by how much humor is in it.  It's not a comedy, but there are parts where you do chuckle.

Yesterday, I also went to my neighborhood Giant supermarket and picked up a few essentials and when I got home, I snapped a picture of my back yard.  It is quite verdant.  I just need for the rain to stop and the sun to come out and dry things up so I can get at it with my weed wacker and lawn mower.

Yesterday, Donald Trump went to his son Barron's graduation, not so much, I think, because he wanted to, but more so because he opened his mouth and whined about it during his election interference trial.  I wonder how many in that graduating class were happy to have such a well known Moral Degenerate amongst them.  I wonder if he had a team handing out little MAGA hats.  I didn't check, but I don't doubt he did some sort of mini press conference to lie about his trial.

Though, more people were talking about Alito and his upside down flag, and even more were talking about how, whenever hard right conservatives get into trouble they blame their wives.  The fact that he said she hung the flag upside down indicates she was for the insurrection is made even saltier by his claiming she was upset by a neighbor's sign that said Fuck Trump.  Alito is bad.  He needs to be impeached.


  1. All I know is I'm tired of the rain. the garden is getting way to saturated. A couple warm sunny days is need......

    1. Don't worry, I've already put in my order, they should be here sometime next week.

  2. I heard the neighbor also called Mrs. A a cunt and I think she was right!
    Also, I read that Hair Furor got there just as Barron got his diploma and didn't bother to even ride with his paid escort, er, eife.

    1. There are also pictures of the two of them standing together and Barron's Cap and Gown are wrinkled terribly, as though he just took them out of the box and put them on.