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Thursday, May 2, 2024

The Temple of Incompetence

 Today might be a record breaker as far as the temps, with forecasted high 80 (F).  Right now it's a moderate 62 (F).  We're also supposed to have lots of sunshine.  I'm up for that.  I prefer sunny to cloudy.  I take more naps when it's cloudy.

This weather will also mean that our garden department is going to be super busy today.  Yesterday, the store was busy up to around 2 pm, then everything began to die down.  I'd say it was the heat, but the temps weren't scorching.  I might think it died out because schools are still in session, and parents wanted to be home when they got home from school, but I doubt very much if that's the case.  As I was leaving, at 6, the store was beginning to fill up again, some single customers, and the couples were sans kids.

Yesterday I also got a bit of a friendly chat from my manager about working to increase my credit card applications.  They want us to calculate out what monthly payments would be if a customer puts it on the store's credit card.  I nodded and smiled, he knows me well enough to understand I will probably not comply.  I have a goal of 7 and I have 3, the one other associate who already does this has the same goal and he has 4, which proves how effective this tactic is for signing up credit cards.  People are getting smart about credit.

I did make a spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) yesterday before I went to work, so I have lunch for the next 5 days.  It's a new recipe and quite tasty, after a few minor changes.  I left out the sugar and the nutmeg and used olive oil instead of butter.  Sugar?  Yeah, the recipe called for a teaspoon of sugar.  Sorry, I don't eat sweet spinach and cheese.

And Trump's election interference trial continues today.  While I'm sure it's getting air time on the nightly news, and from news media outlets, I'm not seeing much on social media.  Perhaps it's too boring, too much of the same old shit, so to speak.  The fact that no one seems to have liked Michael Cohn is amusing.  He must have been very good at fixing things, other wise Trump wouldn't have used him so much.  But then, does anybody really like the fixer?

Oh, and Marjorie Taylor Green is going to push to oust Mikey Johnson, probably today, which means the Republican party is going to continue looking like a bunch of jackasses.  In her tiny, little mind, and it is tiny, this tactic, the same as that of a 12 year-old spoiled brat, is popular.  She believes this makes her look like a positive, authoritarian role model.  In reality, she is an example of high stupidity.  Sadly, she had her own subset of cultists who follow her for the sole purpose of cherishing her droppings.  I do think she should continue, and that her attacks on normalcy should be enshrined in the Temple of Incompetence.


  1. "Oh, and Marjorie Taylor Green is going to push OUT Mikey Johnson, probably today, which means the Republican party is going to continue looking like a bunch of jackasses." LAMOOO
    You just know how I read that. Hahahaha. Oh.

    Love the spinach pie idea! But I'd would eat most anything with feta cheese, so there's that.

    I'm keeping an eye out for Hair Furor's day in court today but it's going to probably be shenanigans and fuckery, so yeah.

    I'm just waiting for when they bring Stormy in...


    1. Supposedly he watched a movie on his iPad.

  2. Your spanakopita looks yummy. Enjoy the warmer weather, naps and wonderful world of credit card applications.

  3. I remember years ago I must have had a credit card for every store that I shopped in. Not anymore. I paid them off close some of them, and let the rest just sit. I now only keep one store credit card and two major credit cards and that's it.

  4. Moscow Marge needs to taken to the steps on the capitol and hurled down the stairs.

    1. I'll volunteer if they need someone to give her a kick.