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Wednesday, May 15, 2024


 The forecast for Central PA is drizzle and showers throughout the day.  Yep.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but the forecast for May is the same forecast for this month we've had for the past 2 years.  Growing up, they used to say "April showers bring May flowers," and while we do have the flowers, the skies have overcast far more than they have not.  If this is a trend, then this summer will be warm, but not hot.  It will be interesting to see if the pattern holds.

Yesterday much was accomplished, and there was a lot to get done, including a mowing of the lawn.  I went out right after I posted my blog and began mowing.  Good thing, too, because the drizzles began around 10 AM and continued throughout the day.  By 4 PM we were stuck in a sustained steady drizzle until well late into the evening.  I have no idea when it stopped.

On this cloudy morning, I'm having peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast, instead of my normal cereal; the weather calls for it.

And I went to the movies last evening, and it wasn't to see The Fall Guy, you know, the Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt vehicle.  Nope, I went to see The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.  I will admit I'm not too familiar with the franchise.  55 years ago, the original film had that stunner of an ending, though the sequels were weak, and after that I lost interest.  I partially watched the Markie Mark film, too, and thought that was a waste of time and so paid little attention to the follow-up films focusing on Caesar.  So, why go to see the latest installment?  Curiosity.  It's getting a lot of good whispers, and they're well deserved.  It has one of the finest story arcs I've seen in years.  Characters grow and develop, a lot.  The film does have a big Wow factor.

Michael Cohen did testify yesterday.  Was he brutally honest?  Well, he was brutal.  I understand that the Orange Anus sat with his eyes closed throughout his testimony.  For someone like Trump who demands the ultimate in loyalty, this would have been the ultimate betrayal.  Cohen admitted he hates Trump, and that he did want revenge, but wanting revenge doesn't mean lying.  Sometimes the sweetest revenge is in the simplest of truths.  Honesty is a virtue and everyone admits that Cohen has admitted there is little that is virtuous in his life.  Is he doing this for the betterment of America?  Possibly.  Mostly, however, he's doing it for payback.  Was he corrupted by Trump?  To some extent, but then for someone as evil as Trump, corrupting the weak is oh, so very easy.  Will the jury side with Cohen, we can only hope they're smarter than the Orange Anus.


  1. I also hear the dump whined like a baby that not more of his cronies showed up in court to lend support. And now they even dress like him. White suit.

    ***rolls eyes*

    1. People have noticed Donnie and his Trumpets, though for the wrong reason. I understand a film is in the works entitled "Attack of the Clones."

  2. Cohen's a liar, we all know that, but we also see the proof that he was Hair Furor's minions, doing his bidding and paying off Stormy. It's that simple.

    1. Sometimes there is a reason for having scumbags in the world.

  3. Cohen was indeed brutally honest.
    He's not a likable man and did despicable things for money and the idea of power. But his testimony is full of bombs and receipts. I hope he sinks Cheeto.
    And what about the Repugs going to NY only to come out forty minutes after they entered the courtroom and then hold court and violate Von ShitzInPants' gag order? Ugh.

    I think I'm for this Planet of the Apes.


    1. I suspect the reason the GOP cultists are showing up to screw over the gag order has more to do with the fact that their internal polls aren't that good.