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Saturday, May 11, 2024

No lights

 It rained yesterday.  While it would have been if the forecast was just a little wrong, it wasn't.  So, while we had a storm that was little more than steady drizzle with heavy cloud cover, much of the world got to see the aurora borealis.  While the cloud cover is a little thinner this morning, the best of the solar storm has passed.  Today we're supposed to warm up into the mid 60s (F),. but the showers are supposed to remain.

I did get in 2 miles on the treadmill.  That was good.  I'm getting my Greek body in shape for my trip.

I work today, but I don't have to be at the store until 2.  I had the same schedule Wednesday and Thursday, though on Thursday my brain misfired and I showed up at my normally scheduled 1 PM.  So, I'll get an extra hour of pay this week.  I did have to let management no to keep it from showing up on my performance review.  They do that now.  Too many early ins, or too many lates, and they will dock your performance.  How's that for micromanaging?

The dog sofa is sitting in pieces on my front porch.  It will stay there until next Monday evening, at which time I will move it out onto the curb.  There is so much space in the writing room now.  Behind the sofa, I discovered some dabbles of trim paint on the floor, so I'll grab my little sanding bar and erase them.  I also have some renew finisher to put that satin sheen back on the planks.

There was testimony at Trump's election interference trial, but most of it was technical.  One of the amusing facts that came out was that he only personally signed checks when there was skullduggery involved.  I doubt very much if he did so because he wanted to and his personal touch, rather, I suspect he did so because he wanted to be personally involved, because he thought he was too shifty to get caught.  He definitely thought he was too smart to ever get caught.

And I saw that Melania has decided Barron is not going to be part of the political process of getting his biological father nominated, he's declined being a delegate from the Crazy State of Florida.  I find this funny.  It almost seems as though Melania doesn't want her son to be just another puppet child for the Orange Anus.

One final thing.  Evidently the RNC is really unhappy with how the Secret Service is setting up crowd control for their convention.  A park, one quarter mile away has been set up for protestors, and the RNC thinks that too close.  They want a secure belt around the convention hall that's much wider.  Makes you wonder, what are they worried about.  Another Chicago?


  1. I've heard stories that Barron is on the autism spectrum and that's why Melanie is so protective. And when he was asked to be a delegate and accepted, social media declared no longer off limits and came for him, and that's when Melanie said 'No.'
    Also, sad and funny, Hair Furor said Barron was 17 but he turned 18 two months ago. Such a loving father.

    1. People had a field day with that age thing, and there was also a lot of stuff about how it was open season on Barron if he was going to be a delegate. I'm suspecting Trump thought he could use him to get younger voters.

  2. After dinner last night I saw for made a short glimpse of the lights...more green then pink...but a very short window.

    1. As far as I could tell, it was cloudy all evening, but then I didn't sit by the window waiting and watching.